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  • Hey peeps, welcome to Singapore airport


  • now if youre anything like me youre going to wanna try and find a place where you can actually charge your laptop, your iPhone, your iPad or your cameras.


  • Now I can only speak from experience from Terminal 3 but Terminal 3 here is pretty amazing.

    現在我只能根據我對 3 號航廈的經驗來介紹,但事實上 3 號航廈實在非常令人驚豔

  • It looks almost brand new, I’d say


  • and there are areas everywhere.


  • There’s little terminal spots where you can actually plug in your 240 volt for your laptop as well as your speed slots for your iPhone and what have you.

    這裡有很多地點你可以插入 240 伏特(充電器) 給你的筆記型電腦充電,同樣地也有許多插座讓你為你的 iPhone 或是其他裝置充電

  • There’s a huge amount of shopping around here, all your high-end clothing.


  • Uh, great electronic shop here if you wanna get some adapters or get a new camera.


  • There’s all your pharmacies, great food, there’s a little food street upstairs


  • as well as general small restaurants around here, youve got a boost juice,

    也有一些常見的小餐廳在這裡(這層樓),你可以買到boost juice (澳洲第一果昔品牌)

  • a Hard Rock Café bar down here as well as a few other bars around.

    一間 Hard Rock 咖啡吧( 倫敦起家的一間連鎖主題餐廳) 以及一些其他的吧。

  • Go for a wander around, it’s definitely worth stretching the legs and getting a look around.


  • But from an airport point of view, it’s actually not a bad airport to go explore and chill out


  • so if youve got a layover in Singapore airport even if it’s just for a couple hours, go for a wander around, and have a drink.


  • There’s even an area where you can go outside, it is the smoking area though


  • but you can go outside, get some fresh air, and then wander back in, go pick up your perfumes,

    但你可以走出去呼吸一些新鮮空氣,然後走回來, 拿你的香水,

  • your electronics, have a drink, have something to eat, and then go jump back on your next flight.


  • They even have a free movie here, it’s not bad.


  • I’m gonna go for a wander and then get back to my terminal and board my plane, on my way back to Sydney.


  • So, I’ll speak to you guys soon.


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Hey peeps, welcome to Singapore airport



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