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  • Everyone else left the party

  • but she stayed behind.

  • And that's how you got the bite marks

  • on your neck?

  • Not exactly, but Sara also stay-

  • Oh, it's my parents

  • I'm telling a fivesome story!

  • Five? I only counted four!

  • Let it go to voicemail.

  • You are too dependent on your parents.

  • But if I don't answer it

  • they will be devastated!

  • No, they'll be happy that you're depending

  • on yourself and your friends.

  • Let me just text them to make sure

  • it wasn't an emergency.

  • Fine! I'll be parent free like it's 1941

  • and we were separated into different

  • camps!

  • This will not be your Holocaust.

  • Okay.

  • I got you this.

  • Thank you?

  • Just make sure you're done by Tuesday

  • That's when my mom and I normally

  • have book group.

  • What?! This is four thousand pages!

  • You're gonna have a lot to talk about!

  • Wanna go for a walk?

  • No.

  • You have one commercial break!

  • I can't find it!

  • Well how many levels are there in the

  • parking garage?

  • I don't know! What am I going to do?!

  • I don't know where your car is, Allison

  • I'm not there.

  • There's so many levels!

  • First I thought I couldn't sleep because

  • I haven't accomplished any things

  • I set out to do

  • But then, I realized I was just crazy hot!

  • I think I should see a doctor.

  • How often do you call your parents

  • in one day?!

  • Depends on the day..

  • So then she started yelling because

  • apparently I was cutting into her me time

  • and she didn't have any brain power

  • to put up with my every emotional whim.

  • And that's been the last 24 hours.

  • What's going on with you guys?

  • Aw, I miss you too.

  • Gaby, they wanna talk to you.

  • Hey, Ken.

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Everyone else left the party


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