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  • Sleepy! Sleepy!

  • Tired! Tired!

  • Sleepy! Sleepy!

  • Tired! Tired!

  • I'm so tired.

  • I must sleep.

  • Ah~ A~!

  • The Sleeping Beauty

  • The king speaks to the people.

  • There is a new baby princess!”

  • the king says.

  • Hurray!” say the people.

  • For the beautiful baby’s first birthday, they plan a party.

  • We must invite the fairies!”

  • Yes.”

  • But we must NOT invite Brutella!

  • She is bad. She is mean!”

  • The party is lots of fun.

  • The princess is so lovely!

  • The fairies give nice presents to her.

  • Suddenly, Brutella comes.

  • One day, the princess will hurt her finger on a spinning wheel.”

  • Then everyone will fall asleep ... forever! Hahaha!”

  • So the king removes all the sharp things.

  • Soon, there are no sharp things in the castle.

  • The princess grows up.

  • She is a very beautiful princess!

  • She goes for a walk in the forest.

  • The beautiful princess sees a tower.

  • Inside, there is an old woman.

  • She is Brutella.

  • Come here!

  • You must try the spinning wheel!”

  • The princess tries it.

  • But she hurts her finger.

  • And she falls asleep.

  • Then everyone falls asleep.

  • The king and the queen fall asleep.

  • The soldiers fall asleep.

  • Even the cats and the dogs fall asleep.

  • One day, a prince comes.

  • He sees The Sleeping Beauty on the bed.

  • She is very beautiful!”

  • The prince likes The Sleeping Beauty.

  • So he kisses her.

  • The Sleeping Beauty wakes up.

  • Everyone wakes up.

  • The next day, the prince and The Sleeping Beauty marry.

  • They are very happy.

  • But where is Brutella?

  • She is asleep.

  • She is still in the tower.

  • And she snores very loudly.

Sleepy! Sleepy!


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A2 初級

睡美人-英文版-世界上最偉大的童話故事-粉紅電話英語童話故事 (【日本語字幕付き】 The Sleeping Beauty | 眠れる森の美女 英語版 | 世界名作童話 | ピンクフォン英語童話)

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