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What's up, man.
Tonight we have new information on the 26 years old driver, who crashed into a St. Johns County Deputy, killing him.
Kris Caudilla of Jacksonville was driving the wrong way on 9A
and slammed into a St. Johns County Sheriff's Deputy's car.
My name is Kris Caudilla, I'm 32 year old. I'm in prison for DUI manslaughter.
and I'm sentenced to 15 years.
 I think about the man that I killed in the crash all the time.
I'm kind of trying to replay the scene in my head and see where things went wrong.
But mostly, I just think about him and his family.
I hope that I'll reach out to somebody and stop people from drinking and driving,
thinking twice about the next time they want to get in the car.
How's going?
Hmm...I'm doing good.
You're having a good time?
I...Yeah. What do you, how did you get into the mirror?
I don't know if you can tell right now, but I'm talking to you from prison.
You're in prison?
Is this a joke?
No, I wish it was. Definitely not.
What are you drinking?
I don't know...whisky sour
It's a good drink.
One night, I was drinking out with friends, I got in the car and drove.
killed somebody.
Wow, that's ... I'm sorry to hear that.
The man I killed was a police officer. He had 4 children, a wife and I took him away from them.
I made the choice to drink.
I made the choice to get in the car.
You don't have to make that choice.
So take a good look at the mirror, man.
Should you be driving tonight?
Man, I mean that's kind of serious. I don't want the...
I'm with friend that's T'd tonight.
No... I was going to take the taxi actually, so
Good for you, man. Just make sure your friends get home safely, too.
Definitely, definitely will.
Ok, hmm...thanks.
Be safe out there.
I will. Alright, thanks, man.
Thank you!
To someone who thinks that this would never happen to them, I'll say "Think twice about it".
Because I was in that same boat. I thought I was invincible.
It eventually caught up to me.
Take action. Share this and help a friend get home safe.



【廣告裁判精選】來自監獄的聲音親自告訴你,請別酒駕 (We Save Lives - Reflections from Inside)

17630 分類 收藏
Stanie Yu 發佈於 2016 年 9 月 22 日    Stanie Yu 翻譯    Mandy Lin 審核
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