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You have worked hard all your life. You've made your first million by thirty and hopefully, many more by forty
And along the way, you've still found time to start a family and have children
But now, as you reach your fifties and sixties, and your children reach their teens, comes the tricky question
of how to leave your money to your children without screwing up their lives.
So how do you, as Warren Buffett once said, leave enough for them to do something, but not enough to do nothing.
We spoke to a range of experts, wealth managers, and to the wealthy parents themselves about what you should do
and came up with a five-step plan
First, determine how much is too much. In the FT's long-running interview series, "My First Million,"
the question: "Do you believe in leaving everything to your children?" has rarely elicited a resounding yes
Leslie Pierce had the best response saying that beyond help with property and education, she intended to spend as much as possible
adding, "If I had to stay in a nursing home, it would be a posh one"
Next, think about the values you want to instill in your children.
For John Roberts, chief executive of AO.com, the XXX electric retailer, it all comes down to family values
He said he wanted his children to work hard, think of others, and have respect for what they have and what they earn
But critically, all of this, he added, was for them to live their own lives
Third, education, education, education. Your children need to know more about money than merely spending it
Many organizations offer programs, internships, as well as residential courses, that will teach the next generation financial planning and investing, philanthropy
the dynamics of shared family wealth, and longer-term issues, including wealth preservation
Fourth, give it all away
For philanthropist and entrepreneur, and Tom Hunter, it's a pressing dilemma
He told me that he was worried that great wealth would be a burden,
but even the super rich are stumped when it comes to determining how much is too much to leave their kids
When I pushed him on how much exactly he was going to leave, he said, it was still a work in progress
And finally, control your wealth, even after your death
There are many ways to pass on wealth through the generations, but one of the most effective and tax-efficient, is through trust
Many families would opt for the traditional trust fund, accessible when the child reaches 18, or increasingly, when they turn 21 or even 25
But ultimately, we all want our children or dependence to be happy and healthy, but be careful
wanting to help financially can sometimes end up doing more harm than good


【金融時報】如何避免寵壞孩子 (How to keep kids from getting spoiled | FT Comment)

89 分類 收藏
Chloe Tyan 發佈於 2016 年 8 月 15 日    Chloe Tyan 翻譯    Kristi Yang 審核
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