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I know I keep saying this but you're fantastic in the movie.
Ah, ah. Also, you have a scene that you're underwater. But I was like...I don't know maybe CGI or something but you told me
Let me tell you, nothing in this movie is CGI, like
That's not true. -Well, I mean, ok yes, a few things like...
It's like a whole full on floating explosion.
Like when the world, like when the world is kind of blowing up. That didn't actually happen.
There's like a crocodile man, fighting people. - It was a big budget, but it wasn't that big.
But the explosions are all real. All real, I mean, lots of prosthesis, like crop prosthesis
And how did you go underwater for that long and what is it...
I had to learn to hold my breath underwater for a really long time.
Can you do...how do you do that?
So you, I worked with this this amazing freediver.
And he came in and I did four sessions with him.
His name's Kirk and I called him Capt. Kirk, and anyways,
- he was really...like it's all about lowering your metabolic rate and I'm.... - The metabolic rate?
- Yeah. Because as soon as you start using... - How do you lower that without breathing? - It's all about conserving oxygen.
You kinda like, meditate underwater. It's what freedivers do but it's amazing and
and then I, you know, we did four sessions and
we sit pretty much because once we start moving, and I obviously have to be fighting underwater,
you use up more oxygen then you can't stay under as long. But I can do like resting breath hold of 5 minutes.
- Which meant I could do like a... - You hold your breath for 5 minutes underwater? - Yeah! 
Which I never thought was possible. I was like...oh maybe I'll aim for 3.
- But we started doing it. - We can probably rob a bank somewhere!
- An underwater bank. That's what I need.
With your talent, and my idea.
- What are we doing this for? - Yeah, this is ridiculous. We're gonna be gazillionaires.
And we started getting really competitive. And as you know, we've played games together before, I get a little competitive, so
My stunt double, Ingrid, she would do a session. She's like, "I made it to 3 minutes." So, I was like
I am gonna do another session. 3 and a half minutes, 4 minutes, 4...anyways, I got to 5 minutes and I was like,
you know what, this is above and beyond what I'd thought I'd get to. I'm good, I'm good with 5.
She did one extra session, she goes "I got to 5 and a half" and I was like
"I need another session!" And they were like, "No one needs to drown over this!"
We got the scene. We're good. We're got the take.
The scene takes 1 minute. You don't need to do this.
- We're cutting all this out anyway. - It's getting ridiculous!
Yeah, and then I watched it and they cut like, the first half and the last half, and I was like,
but I was underwater for so much longer than that.
You're like "I'm under the water...I'm standing in the sea...what does it mean..."
Weird. That's on the soundtrack, isn't it?


自殺突擊隊「小丑女」在水中憋氣五分鐘 (Margot Robbie Learned to Hold Her Breath for Five Minutes for Suicide Squad)

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