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Hello hello Serena.
Hey I've been waiting on you
What's going on?
What's going on?
I am elated to ask you 73 random questions
for your September collection debut.
And congratulations on Wimbledon!
Thank you.
How are you feeling about life right now?
Life is pretty good.
And in life, how many matches do you think you've played?
Gosh ! I don't know.
Somewhere definitely over a thousand?
Which of your competitor has helped improve your game the most ?
Definitely Venus !
If you could master any other sport, what would it be ?
I would do ballet .
Past or present,
who would you love to play a match against ?
Althea Gibson.
Past or present,
who would be your dream doubles partner ?
Honestly, I just can't get better than Venus
Who is your tennis icon?
Monica Seles.
What is your strangest superstition ?
I don't have superstitions.
What do you predict would happen if you hit someone with your serve?
Okay, we would have to immediately stop everything,
call 911 and like rush them to the hospital.
That does not sound pleasant.
It's not.
Serena, you're on in six minutes.
So where do you go when you need to relax ?
When I need to relax I just go home.
I love being home.
Do you have nicknames?
Everyone calls me Meka.
Who is the funniest person you know?
What's the best 80s power ballad to perform at karaoke?
Oh! Eye of the Tiger.
What song always makes you wanna dance ?
Rihanna's "Work".
Work work work work work......
What is your walk-on song ?
"Flashdance" by Irene Cara.
What did Beyonce think of your tribute to 7/11?
She thought it was really cute!
What's one book that made a lasting impression on you?
"Lean in" by Sheryl Sandberg.
If you were a girl group,
what would the group's name be?
"I'm coming to get ya"
Who would be in this girl group?
Oh Venus, my other sister Lin, my friend Seanna
And definitely my bestie Ivel
What's the most absurd rule in tennis?
Foot fault.
What's the most obscure rule in tennis ?
Those fines that no one really ever knows about.
What was the craziest call you've ever had it called on you?
Oh my gosh! I got... lost a point 'cause I yelled "come on" too loud.
Serena ,What's your favorite piece of clothing anyway?
Uh... shoes.
Can you describe your style in one word?
What's one lucky word that you wish you could take back?
So many.
But l'm gonna just own them and wish that I will continue to wear them.
What's the best fashion tip you've ever received ?
Be you, wear your style and be confident.
If you could raid one woman's closet, whose would it be ?
Definitely Mariah Carey's.
She has amazing shoes.
How do you define beauty?
Beauty is from within.
Do you have a hidden talent?
I can do an amazing cartwheel.
I'm not gonna do it now.
Serena you're up in four minutes.
What is love?
And I'm not talking about the tennis term here.
Love is magical, it's something that
you know you may only experience once in life.
What was the most romantic thing guys have ever done for you?
That hasn't happened yet.
What's the best pickup line you've ever heard?
Are you tired? 'Cause you've been running in my mind all day.
When you were thirteen, who was your Hollywood crush?
You know I love those guys in crisscross.
What's the last show you've binge-watched?
Malcolm in the Middle.
Name one thing you cannot live without.
What's one thing you're the absolute worst at?
I'm terrible at basketball.
What's the most nervous you've ever been?
My US open final.
I don't know it was 2000 or something against Caroline Wozniacki.
I was... we both were so nervous.
What is one bad habit you wish you can break?
I often sometimes bite my nails.
What was your craziest fan moment?
This guy in Australia comes on the court naked,
runs in front of me and Venus and he starts just crying.
It's really weird and creepy.
What's one phrase you use too much?
I mean I mean I mean...... stop already.
What's your spirit animal?
A tiger.
Can you say something in a different language?
Qu'est-ce que tu veut pour moi à dire? (What do you want me to say?)
OK ! Serena on the screen behind you is a man,
who wants to ask a very important question.
Hey Serena.
My wife and I are having a baby boy
What should I name him?
Oh my gosh.
I don't know.
Let's have a seat.
What's one cause you care deeply about?
So I have the Serena Williams Fund.
It's my charity.
It's amazing,
we do a lot of work.
How do you celebrate your wins?
You know, after 12 or 13 or 14 you kind of stop.
How do you deal with your losses ?
Not very well.
How do you deal with the haters?
Who listens to haters?
If you could redo one match,
which would it be?
Any of them that I've lost.
Besides tennis, what's one thing that you would like to be remembered for?
My charitable works.
You know I do a lot of stuff locally,
but also around the globe.
I've done a lot of stuff as well.
If you weren't a tennis pro,
What would you be doing with your life?
I would be a fashion designer.
How many tournaments can you name in ten seconds?
Australian open, French open, Wimbledon, US open
Miami, Indian Wells, Cincinnati, Stanford, The Singapore Championships......
Time's up.
Do you have any match rituals?
I always wash my hands before,
to make sure they are really nice and dry,
so I can grip that racket tight enough.
Besides you obviously,
who is the greatest tennis player of all time?
Oh my gosh.
Steffi, Roger Federer......
What skill would you steal from which opponent?
Right now I would definitely take Milos Raonic's serve.
So Serena I took your master class which was amazing.
What is one thing in tennis that you have not mastered?
Well I am still a student of tennis.
I am still, every time I'm out there I try to learn something new.
Can you demonstrate for me the most difficult thing--
move, technique in tennis?
Yes, really.
I don't have a racket so...
I just happen to have one right here, so...
Oh my gosh.
Let's do this.
Here you go.
Alright. So I think it's really difficult to do a drop shot,
because a lot of the players now are really fast,
and they get to the ball easy,
and you have to have a lot of disguise on the shot.
So, if you're doing it off the forehand,
you wind up like you're gonna hit a great forehead,
and then at the last minute you drop it,
and it goes barely over the net,
and it leaves your opponent stumbling.
That is something incredible.
if the sport required a small victory dance after every match,
what would you do?
Gosh, you know you can Milly rock on any block
you know you can apply a little twerking,
maybe a little body rolls,
so it just kind of depends.
Serena, what's your favorite app?
My favorite app is the reddit app.
How do you feel about this Pokémon Go craze
that's sweeping America?
Oh my gosh,
Do you think you can whack this Pikachu
with that tennis racket?
Ok. Here we go.
A good whack.
Two minutes.
You can only eat one thing forever.
What is it?
You guys know I'm gonna say taco as you set me up with that one.
What movie always makes you cry?
The Color Purple.
What movie has made you scream in terror?
The Blair Witch Project.
What is the most inspirational sports film of all time?
Definitely the Muhammad Ali documentary.
Who do you want to play you in the movie of your life?
Olivia Griffin.
Daniel Radcliffe is pretty amazing at ping-pong.
How are your skills at ping-pong?
Oh my god.
I'm probably the world's worst ping-pong player.
Who's the random person you'd love to give a lesson to?
Emma Stone.
What's the best advice your parents ever gave you?
Always be humble and have that humility.
What's the stupidest thing you've ever done?
I've actually "body bold" once.
Don't ask me what that is,
but it's dangerous.
What's one thing about you that people would be
surprised to know?
I'm really silly.
And I can't stay focused for too long.
What's one skill you wish you had but you don't?
I wish I could sing.
Oh come on, you can.
if you were super hero,
what would your name be?
Super Rena.
And... oh, we gotta go.
Last question.
Can you throw... What's the first thing you say when you are going live?
And... you are live.
for more 73 questions,
tune in to vogue.
All right. Thanks Serena.


小威廉絲的73個小秘密(73 Questions With Serena Williams | Vogue)

6132 分類 收藏
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