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  • The Joker is one of the most iconic and popular villains in history. And we're not just referring


  • to the history of comic books when we say that - Batman's arch-enemy stands up alongside


  • the likes of Professor Moriarty, Darth Vader, The Wicked Witch of the West, Cruella de Vil


  • and the Devil himself as one of the most recognizable bad guys in fiction. As a result of his popularity,

    還有小說作品中最著名的壞蛋 - 惡魔. 由於小丑的高人氣

  • there have been countless adaptations of the character across various media platforms.


  • As well as appearing in comic books and graphic novels, The Joker has appeared on television,


  • in movies, in video games and on all manner of merchandise and paraphernalia.In terms


  • of mainstream versions of the character, the ones that have appeared in movies are undoubtedly


  • the most well known, and it's pretty amazing how fresh the character has remained in each


  • depiction - and this video is going to run through them in chronological order, discussing


  • each version and how they differ from each other. Welcome to The Evolution of The Joker

    以及不同之處. 歡迎收看「電影版小丑大躍進」

  • on the big screen. Cesar Romero


  • The late Cesar Romero was the first man to portray the Clown Prince of Gotham in live

    1966年的「the Clown Prince of Gotham」中,已故的愷撒·羅摩洛是第一位在大銀幕

  • action on the big screen, reprising his role from the Batman television series in a 1966


  • movie. In the movie, The Joker teamed up with The Penguin, The Riddler and Catwoman to form


  • the United Underworld - a quartet that posed a very significant threat to Adam West's Batman


  • and Burt Ward's Robin.This version of The Joker was the lightest of them all - which


  • was fitting with the era and the tone of the television series and movie in which he appeared.


  • He was unashamedly camp, wore a bright pink suit, and was more like a pantomime villain


  • than a ruthless criminal overlord.He first appeared in the TV episode "The Joker is Wild"

    童話劇裡頭的壞蛋.第一次演出小丑,是在電視劇「The Joker is Wild」

  • and made his last appearance in the episode entitled "The Joker’s Flying Saucer". In

    而「The Joker's Flying Saucer」則是他最後一次出演這角色

  • between those, he appeared in twenty more episodes, as well as the aforementioned movie.


  • As he appeared more, his schemes and gadgets got more and more crazy and elaborate - and


  • he even had his own version of Batman's utility belt, which held devices with names like "strangling


  • screamers" in it. Incidentally, Romero refused to shave his moustache for this role, so The


  • Joker's white face makeup was simply heavily smeared over it whenever he played the character.


  • He remains one of the most memorable versions of the character to this day, in spite of


  • the fact that he last appeared 48 years ago. Jack Nicholson


  • In 1989, the man who was clearly born to play The Joker took on the role of the character


  • - and he did so brilliantly. That man was, of course, Jack Nicholson, and he made his

    他的詮釋非常出色. 這個人就是-傑克‧尼克遜.

  • one and only appearance as the character in Tim Burton's Batman. The Joker had appeared

    提姆波頓的蝙蝠俠是他第一次也是最後一次飾演小丑. 這個角色

  • on the small screen in numerous animated series since Romero's version had last been seen,


  • but this live action, big screen return was long overdue.Nicholson's Joker still possessed

    但由真人演出大銀幕已許久未見. 尼克遜的小丑仍延續了

  • an element of campness - you could clearly see the influence of Cesar Romero - but Burton

    前代陰柔的元素- 明顯能感覺到受愷撒·羅摩洛影響. 但導演波頓

  • and Nicholson took the character down a much darker route.This version was violent and


  • temperamental and, even when he was being light and funny, those moments would be juxtaposed


  • with acts of physical brutality. In the same vein, his bright purple suit and constant

    一些肢體暴力. 延續前作風格, 那一身亮紫色西裝和

  • sickly smile were in stark contrast to the drab and very grey version of Gotham City


  • created by Burton for this movie - something that gave the character an edge and made him


  • even more unsettling.His line "have you ever danced with the devil by the pale moonlight"

    不安的情緒. 他的招牌台詞:「你可曾在慘白月色下與魔鬼共舞?」

  • has become one of the most iconic in cinema history and defines Nicholson's interpretation brilliantly.


  • Many still argue that this version is the definitive Joker, but that's simply


  • a matter of opinion. Mark Hamill

    個人喜好. 馬克‧漢米爾

  • Although this video is mainly focusing on live action adaptations of the character,


  • no such video would be complete without mentioning Mark Hamill's animated version of The Joker.The


  • Star Wars legend has loaned his voice to the character since 1992 - commencing with Batman:


  • The Animated Series - but his credits extend to a variety of other DC-based cartoons, and


  • indeed three movies.The first movie in which Hamill's Joker appeared was 1993's Batman:

    包括三部動畫電影. 第一部漢米爾配音的蝙蝠俠作品,是1993年的「蝙蝠俠:

  • Mask of the Phantasm, which got a theatrical release, but he has also appeared in the direct-to-video


  • Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker from the year 2000, and he will reprise the role in


  • the eagerly anticipated Batman: The Killing Joke, which will also go straight-to-video


  • in the summer of 2016. In addition to those productions, he has voiced the character for


  • various theme park attractions and video games.Hamill's Joker clearly took influence from both Romero

    也在蝙蝠俠主題樂園和遊戲中出現. 漢米爾的小丑以羅摩洛

  • and Nicholson's portrayals of the character, combining laughter, campness, mayhem, totally


  • crazy schemes, wickedness and dark humour brilliantly. He looks very different to any


  • version of the character that came before him - although he does still wear the signature


  • purple suit - and Hamill has received almost universal praise for his voice work with the


  • character. Heath Ledger


  • The Dark Knight Trilogy was a huge success. Christopher Nolan brought a level of gritty


  • realism to the world of Batman that had never been attempted before with Batman Begins,


  • The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises between 2005 and 2012. But the highlight of


  • the trilogy was undoubtedly the late Heath Ledger's portrayal of The Joker.His sole appearance


  • came in The Dark Knight, in which he was depicted as a sociopath and a bringer of pure chaos.


  • He was completely reimagined and his appearance was far more rugged and shabby than that of


  • any version of the character seen before and, frankly, he was the darkest, most unpredictable


  • and most violent version as well.To prepare for the role, Ledger reportedly locked himself


  • away in a hotel room for weeks; perfecting his mannerisms, totally immersing himself


  • in the character. Some people have theorised that getting inside the head of such a maniacal


  • character contributed to Ledger's death, but that is, of course, just a theory.Ledger's


  • passing came just before the release of The Dark Knight in 2008, but he received universal


  • praise for his performance and even earned a posthumous Academy Award for Best Supporting


  • Actor for it. His iconic line "why so serious" will forever live on in cinematic lore.

    男配角獎. 他的著名台詞:「幹嘛那麼認真?」也永遠成為影史絕響

  • Jared Leto. Next in line to play The Joker on the big


  • screen is Jared Leto - a man who will put as much into the role as Ledger did back in

    傑瑞德‧雷托- 和萊傑在08年的作品一樣,全身心投入於小丑一角

  • 2008 (he's already terrified his fellow cast members by remaining in character at all times


  • on set - and he's famously sent them some very strange gifts, including bullets and


  • dead animals).Leto has the responsibility of taking on the role in the DC Extended Universe,


  • starting with 2016's Suicide Squad and, potentially, in several other movies going forward in the


  • franchise .This version looks more different to any that came before it than any other


  • version, with his slicked back green hair, silver teeth and body covered in tattoos.


  • He looks as though he revels in the pain of other more than other versions, and fans and

    看上去好像比其他版本經歷過更多痛苦, 粉絲和影評

  • critics are completely divided about him, based on what they've seen of him in promotional


  • material and trailers so far, with some claiming it looks as though Leto and the people behind


  • Suicide Squad are "trying too hard to be different".It remains to be seen how he will be received

    表現得「太過強調與眾不同」, 接受度如何

  • once Suicide Squad is actually released, but the likes of Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger


  • are undoubtedly tough acts to follow, and Leto will need to have brought his A-game


  • to his performance in order to garner favourable reviews. All we can say is that we remain

    來演出才能贏得讚賞. 只能說我們

  • hopeful of this drastically different version being as brilliant as his predecessors.


  • Thanks for watching our documentary about the evolution of The Joker. Which version


  • of the character is your favourite? Our good friends over at the CBR Youtube channel decided

    哪位小丑是你的最愛? 我們的好朋友-CBR Youtube頻道

  • to tackle this question head on and have produced an amazing animated video pinning all of the


  • Jokers against eachother in a hilariously awesome Joker Debate. Click the preview here

    針對此議題來場激烈辯論. 直接點擊畫面

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  • That’s all for us, are you looking forward to seeing Jared Leto's take on the character?

    今天就先到這兒。 你想看傑瑞德雷托飾演的小丑嗎?

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The Joker is one of the most iconic and popular villains in history. And we're not just referring



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