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  • Brrr, brrr, ahchoo!

  • I am cold.

  • Buy a match from me.

  • Brrr, brrr, ahchoo!

  • I am cold.

  • Buy a match from me.

  • The Little Match Girl

  • It is a cold, snowy day.

  • And a little girl is selling matches.

  • Matches! Buy some matches.”

  • The little match girl sighs,

  • Nobody buys any matches.’

  • Then, a big carriage passes by her.

  • She is almost hit by the carriage.

  • Oh, my!” screams the match girl.

  • She falls down.

  • She drops all the matches.

  • And her shoes fall off.

  • Watch Out!”

  • The driver says and just leaves.

  • Let's take her shoes!”

  • Boys run away with her shoes.

  • Now, the match girl has no shoes.

  • It snows and snows.

  • Her feet are freezing.

  • She yells,

  • Matches! Buy some matches!”

  • But no one buys any matches.

  • It gets dark.

  • There is nobody in the street.

  • The match girl sees a big Christmas tree.

  • What a beautiful tree!”

  • She looks at the tree for a long time.

  • Silent night, holy night ... ”

  • The match girl hears Christmas carols from a house.

  • She looks into the window.

  • There is a cute girl in the house.

  • She looks warm.

  • She is hugging her doll.

  • The match girl thinks,

  • She is so lucky.”

  • "It is freezing."

  • "I will light one match."

  • There is a small flame.

  • It gets warm.

  • But the fire goes out soon.

  • The match girl lights another match.

  • She sees food in the flames.

  • Wow! I want to eat that!”

  • But this fire goes out soon, too.

  • What will I see this time?”

  • The match girl lights a third match.

  • This time,

  • she sees her grandmother.

  • Grandma, I miss you.”

  • Her grandmother takes the match girl to heaven.

  • And the snow covers the little match girl.

Brrr, brrr, ahchoo!


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A2 初級

小火柴姑娘-英文版-世界上最偉大的童話故事-粉紅電話英語童話故事 (【日本語字幕付き】 The Little Match Girl | マッチ売りの少女 英語版 | 世界名作童話 | ピンクフォン英語童話)

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