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  • Wolf! Wolf!

  • Yikes! Yikes!

  • Where is Grandma?

  • Where is Red?

  • There’s a wolf in Grandma’s bed!

  • Wolf! Wolf!

  • Yikes! Yikes!

  • There’s a wolf in the bed!

  • Take a broom!

  • Hit his head!

  • Wolf! Wolf!

  • Yikes! Yikes!

  • Little Red Riding Hood

  • This is Little Red Riding Hood.

  • But everyone calls herRed’.

  • She always wears a pretty red cape.

  • One day, her mother says,

  • Please go to Grandma’s house. Take this basket.”

  • Go straight there, and don’t talk to strangers!”

  • Suddenly, there is a wolf.

  • What do you have?”

  • “I have apples. I have bananas. And I have strawberries.”

  • Where are you going?”

  • “I’m going to Grandma’s house.”

  • Where does your Grandma live?”

  • asks the wolf.

  • She lives at the end of the road,”

  • say Red.

  • Hmm. Does she live alone?” asks the wolf.

  • Oh, yes. She is all alone.”

  • Pick some flowers for her.”

  • Shell like that,”

  • says the wolf.

  • That’s a good idea, thank you,”

  • says Red.

  • Red picks flowers by the path.

  • While Red picks flowers,

  • the wolf runs to Grandma’s house.

  • But Grandma is not at home.

  • He puts on Grandma’s pajamas and cap.

  • He lies down in Grandma’s bed.

  • And he waits for Red.

  • Red arrives.

  • But Grandma is so different!

  • Grandma, your eyes are so big!”

  • says Red.

  • My eyes are big so I can see you well.”

  • Grandma, your ears are so big!”

  • says Red.

  • My ears are big so I can hear you well,”

  • says the wolf.

  • Grandma, your teeth are so big!”

  • says Red.

  • My teeth are big so I can eat you!”

  • The wolf jumps up!

  • He runs toward Red.

  • The wolf has such sharp teeth and claws.

  • Red is so scared.

  • Suddenly, Grandma arrives.

  • She grabs a broom

  • and hits the wolf on the head.

  • The bad wolf is so surprised!

  • He runs away.

  • And Red never talks to strangers again.

Wolf! Wolf!


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B2 中高級

小紅帽-小紅帽-英文版-世界著名童話-粉色電話英語童話 (【日本語字幕付き】 Little Red Riding Hood | 赤ずきん 英語版 | 世界名作童話 | ピンクフォン英語童話)

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