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Oil is the backbone of Libya's economy, but years of conflict, political infighting,
and now attacks by ISIS militants, have hurt the industry
Libya is seeking to boost its crude production after rival leaders agreed in July
to unify the state oil company under single management
With me to discuss the country's oil industry is Mustafa Sanalla, chairman of Libya's National Oil Corporation
Thank you for joining me
Thank you
Libya has lost huge sums from the lack of production. Are you able to give us a sense of how much Libya has lost?
As a chance of losing the XXXX oil is around 100 billion US dollars
NOC's working with international oil companies, like Total, Eni, Marathon, Hess, OMV, Repsol, all these companies
So the total loss is around 100 billion US dollars. But we have another loss that's not calculated
is how much time we are going to make rehabilation, and how much we're going to invest
to make rehabilitation to bring back the production to the normal levels
Libya's production now stands at around, is it around 200 thousand barrels a day?
Exactly, yes
And that's hugely down from what it traditionally was at, you know, several years ago, 1.4 million barrels a day
The Petroleum Facilities Guard which are effectively another militia group, you've said in the past they've been standing in the way
of getting Libyan production up. Are they still a problem for you?
Yeah, we still have a problem. This group of people supposed to protect the oil facilities
They said they are blockading the oil facilities, and preventing NOC from producing oil and exporting the oil
Some areas in Libya are safe, and there's no problem. There's no harm of protesting or blockading the XXX or the oil fields
so we need money here, especially in the eastern part of the country
For the middle part of the country, we need both. We need financing, and also we need security
Also in the west part of the country, recently the oil fields are blockaded
More recently, since the start of the year, ISIS has become a problem for Libya
What damage has ISIS caused to Libya's oil facilities?
Are they the main problem now, or still the Petroleum Facilities Guard?
No, for the time being, they are not a problem at all. They are in war now with the army xxx
but in the past, especially in the last year, beginning with this year, they were behind damaging the oil facility
especially in Mabruk oil field, XX, and Zahara (?), and Zened (?) oil fields
But I think the problem is not ISIS. The problem is the Petroleum Facility Guards
They're supposed to protect the oil facility. They are saying, they're claiming the Petroleum Facility Guard
They have 27 thousand soldiers. On the ground, there are only very few
Unification of the National Oil Company, you said at the time removed an obstacle for the unification of Libya's rival government
Where are we on that path and will we get there?
We unified both the institution, now only one after July 2, we signed the agreement
I think it is true that NOC is keeping the country united. If the NOC is fragmented, I think this would be very difficult for the country to revive again
to get out of this conflict. RIght now, NOC is united and NOC is keeping the country united
Thank you very much


【金融時報】利比亞國家石油公司主席談千億美元損失 (Libyan oil chief on $100bn loss | FT Markets)

74 分類 收藏
Chloe Tyan 發佈於 2016 年 8 月 12 日    Hsiu Hsi Chiang 翻譯    Kristi Yang 審核
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