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  • I'm riding the wind towards tomorrow’s light

  • I cling to the sorrows that fill my embrace

  • For now don’t you fret, and just rest a little while

  • So you can move forward again

  • And the world will keep on spinning, passing time

  • The times we went through all the pain; we can’t forget

  • We close our eyes and live without a regret

  • And each memory will turn into a smile or two

  • Hope will guide the way, the key to our hearts

  • The sun sets on each day, as we drift into our dreams

  • And deep within slumber’s sweet embrace

  • May each memory transform into a smile or two

  • When I cherish the day that we first met

  • And then quietly I wave to you to say goodbye

  • Until the day we meet again

I'm riding the wind towards tomorrow’s light


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B1 中級 美國腔

Kanashimi Tachi wo Dakishimete TV Size英文封面-One Punch Man ending ft Lollia. (Kanashimi Tachi wo Dakishimete TV Size English cover - One Punch Man ending ft Lollia)

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