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  • Student: …this frickin lady go off on kids because they don’t frickin get this crap?

    學生: 妳因為我們沒辦法吸收這爛課程而對我們生氣?

  • If you would just get up and teachem instead of handing them a frickinpacket, yo,


  • there’s kids in here who don’t learn like that.


  • Teacher: Bye Student: They need to learn face to face.

    老師: 掰 學生:他們需要的是互動

  • Teacher: Bye

    老師: 掰

  • Student: Youre just getting mad cuz I’m pointing out the obvious.

    學生: 妳不高興只是因為我說的是對的

  • Teacher: No, cuz youre wasting my time.

    老師: 我不高興是因為你浪費我的時間

  • Student: No, I’m not wasting your time. I’m telling you what you need to do.

    學生: 不,我才不是在浪費妳的時間,我說的是妳真正該做的事情

  • Teacher: Get out.

    老師: 出去

  • Student: You want kids to come into your class, you want them to get excited for this?

    學生: 妳想要學生全心投入到妳的課堂裡,妳想要他們反應熱烈?

  • You gotta come in here and you gotta make them excited.


  • You want a kid to change and start doing better?


  • You gotta touch his freakinheart.


  • You can’t expect a kid to change if all you do is just tell them.


  • Teacher: Bye.

    老師: 掰

  • Student: You gotta, you gotta take this job serious.

    學生: 妳最好開始認真看待妳的工作

  • This is the future of this nation.


  • And when you come in here like you did last time and make a statement aboutOh this is my paycheque


  • Teacher: Please leave.

    老師: 請離開

  • Student: …Indeed it is. But this is my country’s future and my education.

    學生: 是沒錯啦!但這可關係到這國家的未來跟教育啊

  • Teacher: Can you go outside please?

    老師: 可以請你出去嗎

  • Student: But there’s a limit.

    學生: 我的忍耐是有限度的

  • I’m not BITCHING but simply making an observation.


  • Teacher: Okay, okay.

    老師: 好、好、好

  • Student: And now I will leave.

    學生: 我現在就要離開

  • Teacher: Thank you. Student: Youre welcome.

    老師: 謝謝 學生: 妳不用客氣

  • And if you would like, I’ll teach you a little more so you can actually learn how to teach a freakin class.


  • Student: Because since I got here, I’ve done nothing but read packets.


  • So don’t try to take credibility for teaching me jack.


  • Teacher: Bye. Close the door.

    老師: 掰,把門關起來

Student: …this frickin lady go off on kids because they don’t frickin get this crap?

學生: 妳因為我們沒辦法吸收這爛課程而對我們生氣?

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美國高中生用80秒告訴老師什麼才是「真正的教育」 Jeff Bliss, a High School student gives a lesson to his teacher at Duncanville

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