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  • Hey guys, it is the first time we go to Hong Kong

  • And also the first time we do VLOG

  • Hope you all will like it!

  • Let's depart! It is 5.30am now

  • We are departing to the airport now!

  • We have reached the airport

  • Will take breakfast at OldTown first

  • and prepare to depart soon!

  • See you guys in Hong Kong!! Bye bye!! :-)

  • We have reached Hong Kong finally!!! =D

  • Our luggage are arranged neatly here

  • Unlike in our place where luggage are just simply thrown

  • After bought the Octopus Card and Sim Card

  • it's time to leave the airport!

  • The seats here are surprisingly wider than the seat in AirAsia XD

  • The bus drivers drive super speedy here, scary!!!

  • We booked this accommodation through Airbnb

  • And the elevator looks really retro

  • But the good thing is the environment here seems not bad!

  • Let's visit our room!

  • We are going to stay in this mini room tonight!

  • Super tiny and cute! Haha!!

  • Comes with two windows, TV and bathroom

  • The bathroom is very small too, but clean!

  • In overall, the room is quite clean!

  • Let's see what is the view out there!

  • Here it is!!

  • We are going to take lunch now at

  • Mongkok Cooked Food Market located at the 2nd floor

  • It just looks like food court in Malaysia

  • which sells plenty kind of food

  • such as rice, noodle and roasted meat

  • We ordered a plate of Portuguese style pork chop cheese bake rice

  • and it tastes good!

  • We are now at Sai Yeung Choi Street next to LadiesStreet

  • It just looks like karaoke street here

  • where people in all age and gender just perform on the street

  • At first, we were planning to ride a bus to Victoria Harbour

  • but we were on the wrong bus, OMG!!

  • We immediately jump down from the bus on the next stop and walk to the harbour

  • Luckily we are still able to reach by 8pm

  • and it is already very very crowded here

  • The night scenery here is actually quite nice

  • but I think the light show is a bit boring, nothing special about it

  • We left in a while after taking some photos

  • After that, we went to Tai Cheong Bakery to grab an egg tart

  • Hmmm, smell so good!!!

  • Let's try!

  • Superb yummy!!

  • Lastly, we have our late dinner at Cafe de Coral

  • and it ends our first day in Hong Kong!!

  • Good night everyone and I will see you guys tomorrow!

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  • Thanks for watching!!

Hey guys, it is the first time we go to Hong Kong


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