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  • Well, it's very it's very nice actually, to be back in Binghamton.

  • See, I can say it now.

  • Um. And, I wish we'd spent longer here filming the actual film, but we were too poor, sadly said.

  • But, what I did see, when we did come here, I did love.

  • Ah, I will always have a special place in my heart for the Red Robin.

  • And, of course, the spiedies! Yum.

  • So, yes and in a way - the film when you see it, is quite a celebration of Binghamton . . .

  • amongst other things of the University, so I feel by proxy, very fond of the University (and something) a little bit bear-catty myself.

  • Um. I'm very pleased that you are being nice to Marc.

  • I don't think people in general, are nice enough to him um, or recognize . . .

  • just how brilliant his career has been.

  • Um, especially because there is a knee-jerk tendency to give arty-farty films all the prizes . . .

  • But to be really funny and entertaining on a mass scale, I would argue it's just as hard and probably much harder.

  • And, so I think that's a very good thing.

  • I love him. I've loved all four films that we've made together.

  • Even "The Turkey". Um. Perhaps, especially "The Turkey," in some ways.

  • For me, the most important thing about Marc, is what I learned from his mother, the first time I met her on "Two Weeks Notice."

  • When I said to her as she was sitting by the set, "I said, well you must be very proud of Marc" and she said . . .

  • "Yeah, that's not important. What's important is that he's a good person."

  • And, um. That probably, means that he's got great force. That probably is true, that Marc is a good person.

  • So, I'm glad that he got this "where as" thing from you guys. Okay. Thank you very much.

Well, it's very it's very nice actually, to be back in Binghamton.


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A2 初級 英國腔

休-格蘭特在賓漢姆頓發表演講 (Hugh Grant Speaks to Binghamton)

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