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  • Ugh, and thus perished Toad.

  • It’s Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games. What a title!

  • And actually, it might be fair to say, “Thus perished this game.” This is the 3DS version

  • of the latest entry in the unlikely duo’s series of interactive Olympics commercials—I’m

  • sorry, Olympic-themed minigame compilations. And I guess you could say, after three games

  • in five years, the Olympic flame has gotten a bit dim.

  • Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games, which well henceforth refer to as Mario

  • and Sonic 2012, is the third title in SEGA and Nintendo’s half-hearted declaration

  • of peace. Playing as characters from the Super Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog games, you compete

  • in simplified versions of popular Olympic events.

  • Or, as with this version, you push a few buttons.

  • That’s the most important thing to note about Mario and Sonic 2012 on the 3DS. This

  • isn’t the same game youll get on consoles, which in theory, could be a good thing. You

  • typically want the handheld version of a console game to get special attention...that is, provided

  • that attention is special in a good way.

  • Not a, “Let’s water this crap downway.

  • There are more than 50 events to compete in, although again...compete might be a strong

  • word for some of them. The reason is that, on the 3DS, the events have been really...streamlined,

  • I guess. Or to be less charitable, made less fun.

  • Let’s take this sprinting game, for example. All you do is hold down A until the race starts,

  • then you mash the A button for five seconds until the race ends. You win.

  • Or how about boxing? You know, a really strategic, physically intense sport? Well, in Mario and

  • Sonic 2012 for the 3DS, you let go of a button after your opponent does.

  • I mean, there are video games, and then there is pushing buttons.

  • To be fair, as with any compilation, the quality varies. So as inane and pointless as some

  • of them are—I’m looking at you, volleyballsome of them are actually decent. Some of the shooting

  • events require you to move your 3DS for aiming, which works nicely. But for the most part,

  • there are some real stinkers on this thing. I mean, you actually have to yell at your

  • system in the weight-lifting games.

  • And yelling at your system isn’t good for anyone.

  • Another problem is you can only choose between four predetermined characters for each event.

  • So if you want to play the boxing game as Peach to punch Bowser in the face, tough ****, Bob.

  • That’s not allowed. Which seems like veiled sexism to me. You know, Peach probably has

  • a wicked jab, SEGA.

  • Mario and Sonic 2012 on the 3DS is more of the same Mario and Sonic Olympic stuff, only

  • not even that good. Few assessments are quite as damning. If youre interested in this

  • game, get a console version. Any console version. Just avoid this one.

  • Do it for your country.

Ugh, and thus perished Toad.


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