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  • We have to go to the smoking area.

  • - You need to walk around with it all day, right? - YES!

  • - For shrines and temples especially? - Yes.

  • Hey this is Cathy Cat. Today we will ask the foreigners in Japan

  • if they can give you and me some advice about Japanese manners.

  • Some things that you need to be careful about when you come

  • to Japan. Let's go ask foreigners in Japan.W

  • - Where are you from? - We are from Switzerland.

  • - Which city? - Neuchatel

  • Any advice you'd give to foreigners who come to Japan about manners.

  • We can't smoke on the street. We have to go to the smoking area.

  • - Where are you from? - Hong Kong.

  • Keep the rubbish. Because in Japan it is hard to find a rubbish bin.

  • - You need to walk around with it all day, right? - Yes!

  • - We are from Norway. - Which city?

  • From Olson.

  • It's not allowed to tip.

  • You don't generally tip, yes.

  • We had to take off our shoes when we went to eat.

  • - Where are you from again? - Mexico!

  • I would recommend because I passed that several times.

  • You don't turn to the right side, to the correct side, when you're crossing

  • and there is many people and bikes.

  • For example in Mexico we drive the other side.

  • For me, I would go to the right side so that they could go.

  • Here it's the other side so that might be it.

  • I know it's a little dumb but it might get them out of some trouble.

  • - Be careful that the direction of the traffic is different. - I'd recommend that.

  • I'd say take off your shoes everywhere you go.

  • If you are going inside. Not everywhere. Shops are ok.

  • A lot of people don't mind if you step on the floor with your shoes on.

  • What surprised me, if you are trying some shoes on, also wear socks.

  • They don't like bare feet.

  • - [Shoes off] for shrines and temples especially. - Yes.

  • Those were all the questions, thank you very much.

  • So these are a couple of manners you should be careful about when you come

  • Another very important rule is to ask people if you can take their picture.

  • I have seen many tourists become very aggressive in taking pictures of strangers

  • In Japan you are not allowed to take pictures without their consent.

  • Please please go up to people and ask them for their permission

  • before you take their pictures. They're not animals!

  • We are not animals! Don't just go and take a picture.

  • If you are not sure how to ask someone in Japanese

  • "Can I take a picture of you" or "Can I take a picture with you"

  • We have made a little tutorial about that. Find it in the top right links.

  • We explain how to Ask Japanese people this question.

  • So next time you will be safe, fine and minding your manners

  • when you interact with Japanese people and want to take a nice picture.

  • Thanks for watching Ask Japanese. Catch you soon. Bye!

We have to go to the smoking area.


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日本必須知道的禮儀!向在日本的外國人詢問應遵守的禮儀。 (Japan's MUST-KNOW MANNERS! Asking foreigners in Japan about what manners to abide)

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