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My favorite difference is the public restrooms.
They are clean, they are everywhere. It’s very impressive.
New one. We want the new one.
Hey guys and girls on Ask Japanese! This is Cathy Cat and today we have come to Asakusa.
We’re gonna ask the foreigners here what the biggest difference is
between their country and Japan. Let’s ask foreigners in Japan.
Where are you from?
Los Angeles, California.
What is the biggest difference between Japan and your country?
They drive on the wrong side of the road.
The food, language and culture is totally different and it’s beautiful.
My favorite difference is the public restrooms.
They are clean, they are everywhere. It’s very impressive.
Where are you from?
– Which city? – Seoul.
I see. Aww you’re so cute.
What’s the biggest difference between Korea and Japan?
I think here are very old buildings and the patience.
But Korea always makes new ones.
We want the new one and best one. So it’s very different.
– Lots of attention for tradition and traditional buildings. – That’s right.
– Where are you from? – Swizerland – Scotland.
What is the biggest difference between your country and Japan?
Everything. It’s just crazy here, but it’s amazing.
Obviously you can’t understand anything and the signs are all different.
It’s just so out there, so busy.
We have only seen Tokyo. Obviously, the food is quite different.
Language. This is one of the first places I have ever been where
I can’t understand anything.
Most places you can get by with a few words,
but it's like being on a different planet.
It’s unusual when you suddenly can’t get through with English, right?
It’s quite tricky, especially with my accent, which is quite strong.
We are trying. We are learning!
Culture wise, what’s the biggest difference you have seen so far?
We have been to the district where there’s all the electronics.
– Akibara… Akihabara.
Just walking into these game halls. It’s just incredible. It’s so loud.
And people are just in there gaming.
Where we got married is completely in the coutryside
It’s an extreme culture difference to see that.
Me? I don’t understand the Anime, the Manga, the Maid Cafes… this kind of thing.
It’s a bit strange for me.
Okay, where are you from?
Toronto, Canada.
What is the biggest difference between Japan and Canada?
The style of the streets and stuff I think.
The culture. The food. Anything you can just eat while walking in Toronto.
We haven’t seen anything you can get and walk and eat with.
The temperature is a lot different.
The people are very nice and helpful.
Let’s start. Where are you from?
– From France. – Which city? – Lyon.
What in your opinion is the biggest difference between Japan and France?
People are very welcoming. Nice. Always.
And smiling.
The food, yes the food.
Those were all the questions, thank you very much!
So we asked people about the difference between their country and Japan.
Which is very interesting. I actually find that Germany and Japan
has many similarities, which surprised me when I came here first.
Some cultural things like being spot on time and working very hard.
There are a couple of things that are similar while other things differ again.
What is the biggest difference between your country and Japan?
Something that you realized and thought was interesting.
In Western societies, one of the biggest difference that I find is…
In Western countries, we tend to think more of us as important
and others come next. While in Japan while you generally first think
of the other person and then of yourself.
And there is more of group thinking going on.
Those were some of the biggest differences that I found
living here and living in the West.
Thank you for watching, looking forward to reading your comments!
If you have time and would like to do some subtitles for us,
please do some subtitles for us. Looking forward to seeing them and comments!
Thanks for watching and catch you soon on Ask Japanese!


旅遊體驗大不同,日本與你的國家有何不同? (Biggest DIFFERENCE between JAPAN and YOUR COUNTRY? Let's ask foreigners in Japan)

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