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Hungry for some pizza? We all like a good pizza pie to chow down on, but it turns out
there’s a simple scientific solution to maximize your pizza experience!
It all comes down to the the area of a circle - that equation you may have heard when you
were young where the area = pi-r-squared (r being the radius). If we plug in some numbers
you may notice something interesting. For example, since we measure pizza in inches
in North America, the area of an 8” pizza is roughly 50 square inches. We simply take
the radius of the pizza which is half of the diameter (so 4” in this case), put it in
the equation and voila. But, if we do the same thing for a 16” pizza, which has a
diameter that is two times bigger, we find that even though your intuition may say it’s
twice as big, it actually has an area of over 200 square inches - which is 4 times MORE
pizza. This is because the area of a circle increases with the square of the radius. And
yet, most of the time the difference in price between an 8” pizza and a 16” pizza is
not even two times more expensive, let alone 4 times more expensive!
In fact, NPR did a survey of over 74,000 pizza prices across America, and created an interactive
graph to show exactly how the price of pizza changes with size, and how much more pizza
you get when you order a large. For example, an 20-inch pizza has more area than two 14-inch
pizzas, or six 8 inch pizzas, yet it’s almost $9 cheaper on average than getting two 14
inch pizzas, and over $30 cheaper on average than getting six 8 inch pizzas.
And this is the pizza equation: the bigger the diameter of the pizza, the more bang for your buck!
But why is pizza so tasty in the first place? We actually break down the science behind
why pizza is the perfect food on AsapTHOUGHT, all while making some delicious recipes. Check
it out, if your taste buds can handle it!
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從日常生活看科學,如何平分披薩 (The Pizza Equation)

3114 分類 收藏
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