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  • Hey what's up everyone, my name is Motoki and oh do I have a video for you. Honestly

  • I didn't expect to be making this video right now, but here I am. I don't even know where

  • to f*cking start.

  • Long story short, there's been a french youtuber that has been stealing my youtube videos word

  • for word, but just doing them in french. This is actually something I've known about for

  • a couple years but I didn't do anything about it because I didn't think that I could.

  • I initially found out about the situation awhile ago when a couple french viewers

  • tweeted at me saying there's this french guy copying your videos and at first, I was f*cking

  • hyped because I was like, oh maybe this is a good thing. Plot twist, it's not. But what

  • I didn't realize was that he was copying my videos word for word, shot by shot, and oh,

  • not giving me any credit.

  • Let me show you what I mean.

  • So original of you. You don't have to know french to see how

  • bad he's copying me.

  • Wow, even the words.

  • Wow, great footage of a door, you know, it kinda looks like my door.

  • Looks a little bit similar.

  • Except I had better editing.

  • Dude.

  • Oh, a knife, what a sharp idea.

  • And that's not even all of it. That's just a little portion of what he's

  • been doing. From my understanding, he stole 7 of my video ideas

  • and then he also stole other videos from other YouTubers including Marcus Butler and my good

  • buddy Andrew Quo.

  • Now, I actually just showed you guys his videos without asking for his permission which is ironic

  • because I'm mad at him for doing kinda the same thing but I needed to show you guys the

  • video side by side to prove my point. I'm not monetizing this video, I just want to

  • get the word out because there is a huge difference between being inspired by other YouTubers

  • and just flat out stealing their content.

  • When I first found out about this guy, I messaged him on facebook, that didn't really work out

  • so I messaged him on Twitter and that didn't really work out either. It's just really hard

  • to communicate. He was really slow at responding, he ignored a lot of my messages, it was not

  • a good time. Almost a year passes by and I was finally able to get the link to my youtube

  • channel in the description of some of his videos and at that point, I was just happy

  • to finally get some f*cking credit. Because prior to that, I was getting no acknowledgment

  • for all the videos he was stealing.

  • So the sh*tty part about this is, I don't understand french, like, at all. The most

  • I can say is, bonjour and that's pretty much it so there's this huge language barrier separating

  • us.

  • So fast forward to right now, a crazy thing happened where this french forum found out

  • about the situation and decided they were going to do something about it. The next thing

  • I know, the video thief is trending number 1 on Twitter in France. Soon after, buzzfeed,

  • huffington post, slate, and a bunch of other french websites started to post about it.

  • Even some of the biggest YouTubers in France we're even rallying for my support.

  • So, you might be wondering, Motoki, you're putting him on blast, what does he have to

  • say for himself? Haha, well let me tell you because this sh*t is the best part. So after

  • receiving some hate comments on his videos, he responded trying to explain that I gave

  • him permission to use my video ideas. Which is funny because I found out about the videos

  • after you posted them, and usually when you ask for permission, you know, before you even

  • make it but I'm just, f*ck me right you know what I mean?

  • But things don't get any better because he goes on one of the biggest radio stations

  • in France and tries to explain himself. But instead of actually apologizing, from what

  • people have told me, he says, "I'm not good at making video ideas so I take other peoples".

  • Wow, what a great sounding guy, you know what, all is forgiven, I can not compete with this

  • logic. Like literally, the least you could have done was just apologize but you done

  • f*cked that up too. It sucks because his copies have way more views than my originals.

  • Honestly, I don't really care about the views at this point. It's just sad seeing this

  • guy piggyback off of other peoples' hard work. I really don't know what to do at this point,

  • but it's good that I just get it out. If this has happened to me and several others, it's probably

  • going to happen to other people too. We can't keep letting these kind of things happen.

  • Thank you guys so much for all the support you've been giving me, I'll see you guys soon.

Hey what's up everyone, my name is Motoki and oh do I have a video for you. Honestly


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