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  • Please move to the side of the road! I’ve got a sick patient!

  • Hi! I’ll be right back!

  • He's leaking oil, let's take him straight to surgery.

  • Hi! Thanks for waiting. My name is Florence and I am an ambulance. I help vehicles when they are hurt or sick.

  • Sometimes, I have to bring them to this hospital. I know it’s your first day here, but it doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy!

  • - Florence! We have a car that cannot start. - Ten-Four!

  • Okay, we have to get going!

  • [Sirens]

  • [No Audio]

  • - Hello! Is anyone here? I was told there is a car that needs help. - I’m here.

  • [Interior Car Sound]

  • Hi, ambulance.

  • Hi. I’m Florence. What’s bothering you?

  • I’m not sure what’s wrong with me, but I cannot start my engine.

  • I think your battery is dead. Let me install a new one.

  • [Changing Battery Sound]

  • Thank you! I feel like a new car again!

  • Youre welcome!


  • - Hi, Florence! - Oh, hi Ross!

  • - Are you coming to my race tonight? - Of course! Youre my best friend!

  • - Thank you, Florence! I’ll see you at the race track! - See you, Ross!

  • Florence, weve got an eighteen wheeler feeling pain in one of his wheels. He cannot move.

  • Copy that. Let’s go help that truck.


  • Okay big guy, what’s bothering you?

  • Hi, Florence. I’ve got a big nail stuck in my tire.

  • Let me take a look.

  • [SIRENS]


  • Youre all done!

  • - Thank you, Florence! - Youre welcome!

  • [Dispatch] All ambulance units respond. We have a car that is stuck in mud. There’s a tow truck on the scene.

  • We need to hurry! There’s a car that is stuck in mud!

  • [SIRENS]

  • Hold on!


  • [SIRENS]

  • Now it’s my turn to help you.

  • It appears your bumper is bent and your fender is dented. We need to take you to the hospital so they can fix you.

  • Thank you for your help.


  • [SIRENS]

  • First let’s get you cleaned up.



  • And now we are going to replace your bumper and fix your dent.


  • - Do you feel better? - Much better! Thank you!

  • Now we can go and watch my best friend race!



  • [SIRENS]

  • Oh no! Hold on, Ross!

  • We need to get Ross to the hospital, quickly!

  • [SIRENS]

  • We don’t have much time. We have to change Ross’s engine now.



  • Let’s race!

  • Good luck! Thank you for helping me! It’s very rewarding to help others!

  • My name is Florence, and I am a “Real City Hero”!

Please move to the side of the road! I’ve got a sick patient!


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A2 初級 美國腔

救護車弗洛倫斯和賽車羅斯--《真正的城市英雄》(RCH)|兒童視頻 (Florence the Ambulance and Ross the Race Car - Real City Heroes (RCH) | Videos for Children)

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