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  • All cats produce an allergen from their skin or saliva, not hair, but some produces less

  • allergens than others. Thus the word "hypo" which means "less than" in the word hypoallergenic.

  • Before choosing a hypoallergenic cat or dog as stated from the internet you need to be

  • exposed to them in person because different people have different sensitivities to different

  • cats. These apply to hypoallergenic dogs as well. But here are the cat breeds that are

  • known to be hypoallergenic.

  • #7. Balinese

  • They are sometimes referred to as longhaired Siamese because of the dark features on their

  • face, tail and paws. They like attention and will follow you around, they are very friendly

  • and has quite a soft voice.

  • #6. Russian Blue

  • Big and muscular. It tends to shed a lot and is quite timid to strangers. The russian blue

  • is quite laid back and likes to just sit around and explore for more places for it to just

  • sit around. We could say that they are quite introverted but if it asks for attention don't

  • refuse or they would start drifting away.

  • #5. Bengal

  • Smart, friendly and athletic. Very curious and very playful. If you can't play or take

  • time to play with them, you would feel like the cat drains so much of your energy to

  • take care of.

  • #4. Ocicat

  • Just a toned down version of the Bengal cat. They are friendly towards other human strangers

  • but would get very jealous and start acting tough when there are other pets or animals around

  • especially new strangers.

  • #3. Siberian

  • If you want to get a cute and big cat that could fend for itself get this one. It is

  • the second largest known domestic cat, it has a wide variety of colours to choose from,

  • pretty agile and it wants so much attention that it would follow you around everywhere

  • and I mean everywhere.

  • #2. LaPerm

  • This one is the most vocal out of the other hypoallergenic cats. Its over friendly, very

  • playful and will try to pounce on you to play. Like most cats, it will sit and relax on your

  • lap when given all the attention it is given but what makes them different is their

  • curly wurly coat of fur.

  • #1. Javanese

  • They look like the Siamese and Balinese cat but the length of its fur is medium short.

  • It could be trained to fetch and do other tricks. They'd follow you around but they

  • tend to be in the way of your feet when you're walking or even just standing still.

All cats produce an allergen from their skin or saliva, not hair, but some produces less


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7種低過敏性貓咪 (7 Hypoallergenic Cats)

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