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  • Hi Food Tuber's. My name's Amy and I'm Julie and we're The Dumpling Sisters.

  • We're home cooks who love to eat and we've just released our first Chinese cookbook.

  • Today we're going to show you how to make Kung Pao Chicken.

  • It's a takeaway classic and also a triple whammy in terms of flavour. So it's spicy sweet and sour all at once.

  • With our recipe you'll know exactly what goes into it

  • and as a bonus it's super simple to make.

  • So lets get started.

  • So to serve two people with steamed jasmine rice

  • we want to have 300g of chicken breast

  • cut into nice chunky pieces.

  • Now for this recipe we're just going to use a super simple Cantonese-style marinade.

  • To make sure that our chicken breast is nice and tender

  • we're going to pop in a big pinch of bicarbonate of soda.

  • This is a secret ingredient that we use a lot in Chinese marinades

  • because it helps to break down the chewy proteins in the meat.

  • Mix up with 1 tablespoon of cornflour for a silky bite.

  • Then we'll just finish it off with two generous pinches of salt,

  • one, two.

  • And two tablespoons of water to bring it all together.

  • Put your chopsticks in there to give it a good mix

  • Cover with clingfilm and pop in the fridge for half an hour.

  • Before we start stir-frying we're going to make the sauce. So it's all ready to go.

  • The first three ingredients you'll find in a Chinese supermarket.

  • This one is shaohsing rice wine. We need a tablespoon and a half of this.

  • And if you don't have any dry sherry will work as well.

  • Next is chinkiang vinegar. This is like a milder Chinese version of balsamic.

  • So if you can't find this then you can substitute with half and half of balsamic and water. We just need 1 tbsp.

  • The final special ingredient is shinhwa pepper.

  • Now shinhwa pepper is quite different to ordinary pepper cos it creates this numbing effect on your tongue

  • We like to think of it almost like an electric sizzle.

  • You can find it in the Chinese supermarket

  • or online, but if you can't don't worry too much because lots of Kung Pao recipes don't have it at all.

  • We'll be using half a teaspoon of this ground up.

  • To finish off the sauce we add a few fresh ingredients. We need two tablespoons of ginger.

  • Two cloves of garlic.

  • Finely diced.

  • A pinch of salt

  • One teaspoon of dark soy sauce.

  • And lastly one tablespoon of sugar.

  • Now all it needs is a quick mix to dissolve the salt and sugar

  • Then leave it by your stove.

  • So we want to fire up our heat, but only a low heat.

  • And then we're going to add in one tablespoon of vegetable oil.

  • And then we've got 3-4 large dried root chilis.

  • Pop those in.

  • And we just want to let them bathe in their oil on a low heat so it releases all of its delicious spicyiness.

  • You'll notice after about 30 seconds that they become quite plump. They were quite

  • wrinkly before.

  • And also start to blacken a bit around the outside.

  • So scoop them out and leave as much of the oil in the pan as possible.

  • Now with the wok turned up to a medium heat

  • add in 50 grams of raw peanuts.

  • And just stir fry those for about 45 seconds.

  • Then scoop those out leaving the oil behind.

  • In with the chilis.

  • Now over a high heat we're going to add the chicken.

  • Spread the chicken out in a single layer and let it sear away until it's a caramelly crust on the bottom.

  • Then give it a good stir until it's the same colour on all the sides before scooping it out into a bowl.

  • Now it's time to bring everything together. So take the sauce you prepared earlier

  • and add to the wok.

  • And add 3 tablespoons of water.

  • Add the chili and peanuts back in.

  • And let it simmer away for a minute.

  • After a bit it's reduced and you can add your chicken back in.

  • Then stir fry for a further 3-4 minutes until the sauce has coated the chicken in a lovely dark slick.

  • Finally stir through some chopped green onions to add vibrancy to the dish.

  • Oh that smells good!

  • So there you have it Food Tuber's. The Dumpling Sister's Kung Pao Chicken.

  • Perfect served with steamed jasmine rice.

  • What's that like Amy? Oh wow.

  • It's quite intense flavour. It's salty and sweet and the sour as well.

  • And, and a bit of spice from the shinhwa pepper. It's really, really yum.

  • I can just imagine this with rice. Delicious.

  • And what else would go really great with this one is our iced chrysanthemum tea recipe

  • You can check that out on Drinks Tube by clicking here.

  • And if you like more videos just like this

  • subscrieb to Food Tube and also subscribe to The Dumpling Sisters. We'd love

  • to have you.

  • Thanks for watching guys. Bye!

Hi Food Tuber's. My name's Amy and I'm Julie and we're The Dumpling Sisters.


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