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  • Hello fellow 3D printers, I’m Jwall and today’s design was requested by my cool

  • little cat, Bobo. He asked me a while ago if I could make him some Cat Armor to protect

  • him against the dangers of the world and also double as his Halloween costume. So of course

  • I said YES and we began prototyping immediately.

  • We started off with a drawing of how we wanted the overall look and vibe of the armor to

  • be. I suggested it should have spikes on it because I always pet him in reverse to make his

  • hair all crazy and he looks like a spiky tiger!

  • Once Bobo approved the sketch we went into 3D Modeling. The modeling took FOREVER... and we tweaked and tweaked and tweaked

  • until Bobo felt the design was good enough to wear.

  • And BOOM! Bobo’s Cat Armor is complete! Now all cats all over the world can roam safely.

  • The entire design can be built with 100% 3D Printable parts or you can use some brass

  • fasteners to hold the armor together. Personal preference. We even left a little hole in the back for the leash,

  • a name tag ring on the chestplate, right below the catnip holder. The tail attaches using

  • 3D Printed rings & then these spike tips that you run 1.75 PLA filament through to quickly

  • attach and detach the tail... from the backside.

  • We would still like to add a helmet to Cat Armor. So we thought I’d be cool if we opened

  • the project to more collaborations and asked if any of my subscribers out there would be

  • interested in helping us out with the Helmet Design? Bobo and I will pick the winner and

  • design the helmet around your design then send you this full cat armor with helmet to

  • your house for free! So feel free to do some helmet sketches and send your idea to any

  • of my PrintThatThing socials and I’ll find them.

  • Thanks for watching. Would love to see photos of your cat wearing armor if you print it.

  • Please feel free to subscribe if you like 3D printing and we'll see yall next time.



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3D打印--貓咪裝甲 (3D Printing - Cat Armor)

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