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  • Logistics free power, what’s that all about?

  • Well VPE has really bottled that you might say

  • And made backup power at cell sites

  • A really extraordinary opportunity here

  • Let’s talk about that with Dave Dekarske from VPE

  • Tell me about this, logistics free power, water is the primary fuel source

  • What’s that all about?

  • We have our first regenerative fuel cell that is zero carbon footprint

  • So like any traditional fuel cell, the byproduct is water

  • So unlike other competitors that we have, we grab that water

  • We bottle it, and we use that as the fuel source through a secondary process

  • Ok, Well show me how this works

  • I’ll explain it very quickly.

  • This is the main control panel for the unit, on the electro self, which monitors

  • As well as drives the whole system

  • This is our DC input, these are oxygen panels for vents

  • For the ingestion of the atmosphere into the system itself

  • This is our control panel, for the electrolyses of the water back into hydrogen.

  • We have our rectifiers up top

  • Which takes the DC and converts it back to AC

  • We have our electrolizer right here, which actually does the chemical separation

  • Of the hydrogen to the oxygen, which the hydrogen will be recompressed

  • Back into the system, and into our storage facility

  • On the left hand side, we have a 6 kilowatt fuel cell

  • So 101 of fuel cell is we introduce hydrogen on the anode side of the cell itself

  • We strip away the protons and the electrons

  • We introduce oxygen on the cathode side

  • And then the combination of the oxygen back with the hydrogen

  • Produces water. Water. Right, H2O

  • That same product gets recaptured

  • So after I burn through the hydrogen and my AC grid comes back on again

  • I take that same water we have captured

  • I put it through a electrolysis process

  • To where then, what I’m doing is removing the hydrogen from the oxygen

  • I take that hydrogen, recompress it back into my storage facility

  • As fuel for the fuel cell during the next event as it runs up

  • So what happens, or is there integration with solar here of any type

  • I assume with this machinery, youve got it out in the middle of the heat

  • Youve got to keep it cold somehow

  • Absolutely, the fuel cell is a DC power source. The electrolyzer needs AC

  • So I need one of three things

  • I need either grid power, I need solar power, or I need wind power

  • So if you go off the grid, for some reason, a storm of some type

  • If you have wind or a solar component that takes care of that kind of power generation

  • Absolutely, we have married it with all three

  • I do have actual items out there that are married to solar

  • Primarily run on grid power and were just introducing wind as well

  • So we can be totally green energy. Green energy, producing green energy.

Logistics free power, what’s that all about?


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能源副總裁。可持續燃料電池 (VP Energy: Sustainable Fuel Cell)

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