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  • Narrator Live from NBC 4 this is the Channel 4 news at 5:00

  • Anchor Here is a great story there is a new rainforest in a place you probably wouldn't expect to find one.

  • The tropical oasis is bringing a local college campus, National attention.

  • The finishing touches are being put on this rainforest at California State University Northridge

  • What makes this 13,000 square foot oasis so impressive? It's kept alive by this.

  • The campus's fuel cell power plant. While it may not stop you in your tracks as you walk by, it's pretty impressive.

  • Combining near 20% of the electricity for the campus in a relatively clean way.

  • CSUN's manager of operations Ben Elisondo gave us a tour.

  • Ben Elisondo It's the largest installation of a fuel cell technology at any Unversity.

  • Anchor The by products of this power producer? Waste water and carbon dioxide. Which the campus puts to good use. Directing it here.

  • CSUN students work with engineers to design and build both the powerplant and rainforest. Right down to the selection of 108 species of plant.

  • Zekil Patel These plants which are sub-tropical rainforest species are very high on carbon dioxide absorption

  • and this actually works as a mutual benefit. Our fuel cell in a way is polluting and we are providing the means to absorb that pollution and therefore not hurting the environment.

  • Anchor The eight cooling towers provide an outlet for the waste water the powerplant creates.

  • Ben Elisondo It actually disperses out into a warm, moist, satured air environment. Simulating a rainforest type of environment. Where the plants thrive on that.

  • They brought art students into the mix to add a special touch to the towers.

  • Christopher Brown "I like the snake, couple of snake photos and the snake eating the frog."

  • Anchor Christopher Brown selected the pictures for the towers. From big cats, to small insects, alligators and birds. Each one has a theme.

  • Christopher Brown It really brought this, the cooling towers up. Made it noticable and more likeable. It wasn't all dull and grey like it was before. It actually made it stand out.

  • Anchor The rainforest will be finished next month. But it's already won an award for its sustainable design.

  • Anchor #2 Yay CSUN, way ahead of the curb there.

  • Anchor Ya that's very neat, very neat. I have to look down here to see it.

Narrator Live from NBC 4 this is the Channel 4 news at 5:00


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中南大學燃料電池在KNBC上 (CSUN Fuel Cell on KNBC)

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