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  • Honda exhibited the "FCX Clarity" fuel cell vehicle at the FC EXPO 2009 show.

  • The FCX Clarity features Honda's unique "V-Flow Fuel Cell Stack", which is the core technology behind the vehicle.

  • The stack, which is positioned in the center tunnel, was designed with a new, innovative structure that achieves a lightweight, compact design.

  • Every aspect of this vehicle was newly designed specifically for the fuel cell vehicle.

  • It features a design that provides low aerodynamic drag, which is of course the most fitting aspect of a fuel cell vehicle,

  • and was also designed to provide a level of driving performance that is worthy of a fuel cell vehicle.

  • The fuel cell stack is located in the center tunnel between the driver's seat and the front passenger's seat

  • and has an output of 100kW.

  • The motor is located under the hood, and the fuel tank is located behind the rear seat in the rear most section of

  • the vehicle body while also maintaining sufficient storage capacity in the trunk.

  • The FCX Clarity is a four-passenger vehicle that is equipped with an AC synchronous motor (permanent magnet) with a maximum output of 100kW and maximum torque of 256Nm.

  • The fuel cell stack utilizes a PEMFC (proton exchange membrane fuel cell) type fuel cell with a maximum output of 100kW, and the voltage of the lithium ion battery is 288V.

  • The vehicle is fueled by compressed hydrogen gas that is stored in a high pressure hydrogen tank (350atm) with a 171 liter capacity.

  • The vehicle weighs 1,653kg, can travel up to a maximum speed of 160km/h, and has a cruising range of 620km.

  • We began leasing this vehicle in the United States and Japan in the fall of 2008 and

  • we plan to sell 200 of these vehicles within three years.

  • Currently, Honda's leasing program for the FCX Clarity in Japan targets government offices and a limited number of private sector companies, and those who lease the vehicle can refuel at one of the twelve hydrogen stations located in Japan.

Honda exhibited the "FCX Clarity" fuel cell vehicle at the FC EXPO 2009 show.


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本田 "FCX Clarity "燃料電池車 :DigInfo [CC] (Honda "FCX Clarity" Fuel Cell Vehicle : DigInfo [CC])

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