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  • Meanwhile at the Bravest Warriors' Invisible Hideout!
Belly flop!

  • Yeah! Wow! Woo! That was awesome!
Wow, Wallow that teensy splash was legit!

  • He's just wearing his Hover Trunks. I can make even teensier splashes my Hover Mustache.

  • Haha. Yeah, yeah.

  • Petite Diabetic Support Socks. Perfect for the course or the clubhouse. Oh, Wallow

  • is buyin me this right here. Psst.

  • Gas Powered Stick.

  • Gas powered stick? [smack]

  • Gas Powered Stick!


  • STICK! Doooooon't hit me! [doorbell] Hello,

  • uh you're Beth--you're the Beth's friend. Heh. Uh, Beth's friend. I can't wait to get my Hover Car permit.

I thought you were old enough? They make Merewifs wait longer.
Hey Plum,

  • if you're lucky I might teach you. I got my license.
I was born with my license!

  • It's right here in my mouth! See?
Ew. AWW! Is that baby Wallow?

  • [beep beep] 
I was just about to go for a spin right now to the Dunes of Phobos! I could maybe

  • show you my maneuvers. Oh!

  • You know, I was gonna-- [beep beep]
Hey look over here, look at this! [giggles]

  • [banjo]

  • [banjo] [giggles]

  • Uhh... You guys hungry? Blalalala!!
Lord almighty. I knew you guys

  • couldn't handle it if I brought Plum over. [banjo]
It's OK Beth, your buds are so

  • funny!
I'm gonna go... eat the rest of that soft taco. It's gettin' cold.

  • Aaaaah! Impossibear has a gas powered stick! Gas Powered Stick! Ooh! Never runs out of gas!

  • Oh man, he's adorable!

  • Come here little guy!

  • Hey! Jerk! Gas Powered Stiiick!

I think you've had enough of these chips.
Thought you were watchin your waistline for me, baby. 
Wallow, your dog is bunk! 
Oh that's not my dog.

  • That's Impossibear. 
Come on Plum, let's go hang out in my room before we get pregnant.

  • [sniffing] 
Never runs out of gas! Pft. This is a jive-ass stick!

  • Woah! Who's growing peaches?

  • That's the most perfect peach ever. MWAH!

  • Whaa? Ah! Jive-ass peach pit! Whaaa?

  • My name is Catbug, what's yours!?
Holy Hardcore Hill Midgets, I have X-ray vision! I gotta tell Beth!

  • Uh-oh. [gasps] No, oh no.

  • [sigh] [music] 
I'm just a dude alone, outside

  • your door. But I could watch you shave your pits a billion minutes more. And when my heart

  • is full-- 
Whatcha doin? WHAT? What's happenin, girlfriend, uh ma'am...?

  • Plum. Remember me, from ten minutes ago? So you're just chillin out, singing to the

  • wall, huh? Heh hey, why you all up in my jam all of a sudden?

  • What?
Beth was right, you are interesting. Hey Chris. Can I try something weird?

  • Um... Let's get weird. [smooch]

  • [chewing]
You turkeys are sickin' me out. Dude! Wha--?

  • Aw. Bleh.

  • Waaah! [crumble]

  • OK but I can see the windows. And that little wooden seagull with the spinny wings.

  • Right, well it's not a secret hideout, exactly. It's just invisible. Cloaked.

  • Ohh. I just want to say I really liked smoochin

  • on your face and such, but it's kind of... Bad timing?  

  • Yeah, I guess?
So you want me to just give up, huh?

  • Not really. So listen, next time you come over maybe we could-- [splash]

  • Plum? Plum? Hello?


  • Hangover!

  • Give us the biz in the comments.

Meanwhile at the Bravest Warriors' Invisible Hideout!
Belly flop!


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煤氣動力棒(《最強戰士》--第7集《卡通宿醉》第一季)。 (Gas Powered Stick (Bravest Warriors - Ep. 7 Season 1 on Cartoon Hangover))

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