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(Hello, I am the photographer of KO ONE: RE-MEMBER)
(Against the complaints of not giving 'sweet', we interviewed couples of parties randomly)
(Woah, you should never miss the first couple)
Shu: Hahaha. hello everyone
Pets: Hi everyone, we finished shooting today
(I've heard that you two stop providing 'sweet' for a long time?)
(Plz answer our fans' question seriously)
Shu: Thank you all
(Feeling heartbroken, lets move to the other couple)
Wes: Hi, we are SpeXial
(Being a bl couple, can you explain why you two have couple glasses?)
Wes: Black frame glasses is a must have item
Yours is hipster glasses
But what's wrong with your hairstyle?
Wayne: My hairstyle is reflecting I'm an otaku who wanna look cool
Wes: Are you dressing like this normally?
Wayne: Normally, I wear this kind of glasses
Wes: How about the hairstyle?
Wayne: Nah
(Where are the 'sweets'? I was ignored by them)
(Oh, lovely QiuQiu)
(We want 'sweets'!!!!)
[Don't know how to translate this part= =]
Wes: What are you trying to do?
Sylvia: I wanted to....
Wes: Finished, thanks everybody
Sylvia: Look, he always bullys me. I got up so early
He made up at 5am, I was earlier than him for half an hour
(Lots of 'sweets'~I need a sunglasses)
Not finished yet, reminder here!
Zhiwei: Hot
Pets: Every time we ask him is he nervous
He replys 'No'
Are you nervous?
Together: No
Pets: You have to get rid of me, we practiced that
Pets: Our minds are in sync that he would dodge once I touch him
That are the characters of us on the drama
(Are you guys satisfied? See you next time!)


終極一班4 (優酷花絮|終極一班4 CP發糖篇_脩慈x宏晉x宏非x慈執)

382 分類 收藏
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