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- Hi, I'm Ned and I'm married.
This week we're doing a make over challenge.
What do boyfriends want their girlfriends to wear
for date night?
Let's find out.
I ship it.
- Fashion's so important because your outfit
speaks before you do.
- Each of the boyfriends secretly submitted
costume ideas to Lindsay and now we're gonna
surprise them with their choices.
Let's bring out the couples.
- Safiya's style is great, I love her style,
it's pretty trendy and mysterious.
- Buzzword, buzzword, buzzword.
- I'd like to see her go a little elegant.
A little old school.
That Aubrey Hepburn--
- Audrey Hepburn.
- Audrey Hepburn.
- I definitely have a lot of cheap clothes.
I like to go shopping a lot
so I don't like to spend a lot of money.
- I think that she'll really embrace it.
- I love that you really went there
because she's going to wow you in a different way.
- I tend to wear baggy things like this
that Steve likes to call maternity clothing.
- I called it that once and it was a joke
that we both laughed at so.
- It stuck, it stuck.
What Steve picks out for me when we ever
go shopping together is the shortest skirt possible
and a really tight white shirt.
- Wow, I feel like I'm being put into a box right now.
I'm excited to see just something different.
Probably tighter fitting or like, classic modern.
- Fitted, a little bit more preppy.
- A little more preppy, yeah.
- Your fantasy isn't a stripper.
- No, god no.
- It's Taylor Swift.
- I'm a little nervous because Steve
gravitates towards things that are a little shorter.
Showing off a lot of skin.
- She's not excited at all.
- I'm excited, I just think that he picked out
a very scandalous outfit for me.
- Wow, we're getting right to it.
- Aurora's style is really laid back.
Like a jeans and like a shirt.
It isn't like the true essence of style
is not really caring.
- He's definitely more the fashion one of our relationship,
for sure.
- She knows like, how much I love just like, Kanye's style.
I think it'd be great to make her dress like, you know,
a pregnant elegant like, you know,
Kim Kardashian was rocking.
That was a cool style like, there was a lot of haters,
but you know.
- As a pregnant woman, to be quite honest,
she should be able to wear
and do whatever the heck you want.
- Yeah.
- Because you are creating the biggest miracle in life.
- Yeah.
- You guys ready to get started.
- Let's do it.
- [Lindsay] Why don't we go try some stuff on?
(upbeat music)
- You ready?
- Yeah.
- What do you think you look like?
- Hopefully like Audrey Hepburn,
but she's a very petite woman so we'll see.
- Yeah, I'm looking forward to seeing how it looks.
- I am gonna look super fancy.
- You can open your eyes.
- Whoa!
I look like, I look very adult.
- [Lindsay] You do, yeah you look very streamlined,
sexy, very stylish.
- I don't know, like, I feel like--
- A hot mama?
- Yeah. - [Lindsay] Yeah.
- Open your eyes.
- Oh, this is cute.
It's definitely not something I would pick out for myself,
but I think it's really cute.
I could definitely see myself wearing it.
It's nothing like what I thought Steve would pick out.
- Thank God.
- [Ned] Check yourself out.
- Oh, wow!
- [Lindsay] Are you liking it?
- I look like Anne Hathaway from Princess Diaries,
like, hello, is this me, oh no.
- [Aurora] I feel great, I think he's going to be into this.
- I feel like, kind of bashful.
Like, I feel like, really dressed up.
- Are you excited, Ify?
- Yeah, I am.
- I'm ready to see this, I've been waiting, let's do it.
- Open your eyes.
- Oh, look at that!
- You look beautiful.
- Thanks, babe.
- I love it.
- [Ned] You can open your eyes.
- Oh wow, look at you.
Dressed and Naomi's hanging out, too.
- Oh yeah, great, great.
You look awesome.
- I'm pleasantly surprised.
- You like it?
- Yeah.
- Audrey Hepburn.
- [Ify] You look great.
- Thank you.
I feel super, it was a good choice.
I feel very sexy.
- I wasn't expecting to see her,
I guess she is wearing a tiara in Breakfast at Tiffany's.
- What do you mean, you weren't expecting a Tiara?
You wrote that in the e-mail.
That a tiara would be great.
Don't even try--
- [Tyler] Yeah, but with a winky face.
- No, you're not going back on this.
- It could be like a bitch , but I'd be okay with it.
- Like a Blair Waldorf, I'll take that.
- It is very different.
The makeup's very different, but I'm into it.
- What were you expecting?
- Nothing.
- [Aurora] It's like, it super like, sexy, too.
- Be careful, you're too sexy, you're being dangerous.
- We're at an ice cream place fully dressed up
so Tyler's choking on his ice cream,
but he's stylish so who cares?
- Looking good.



男友內心的渴望... 他們想要女友在約會時打扮成甚麼樣子? (Boyfriends Dress Their Girlfriends • Ship It)

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