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pokemon go is possibly becoming one of the most hotly anticipated pokemon games of
our generation, with over 25 million views on the initial trailer in only eight months,
it shows how many people are that hyped to get behind it. But for one eerie
reason or another, gameplay hasn't really surfaced online or on youtube or anywhere.
So when I got the chance to meet a hidden and exclusive beta tester group in Adelaide
I jumped. It felt so weird being almost secretive about the way we're doing things.
The passing general public literally had no idea what's going on right next to them.
But I was pretty much in my own world having a good time of my life
In the middle road its about to get hit
cars are gonna come by and swipe it
believe it or not, this is actually a pokey stop behind us which is
absolutely crazy
this gives you actually a couple of pokemon balls which is insane. And it's just the horse statue
it's not a Pokemon statue the regular statue the pokey stop this is crazy
this is pretty crazy guys but Pokemon Sun and Moon has somehow made it into
pokemon god I don't know how it works around with my good friend
it updates in really life. It is crazy right now.
yeah pretty much thank you so much for watching guys that was the Pokemon GO video
and a massive shout out at the pokemon GO right here with a whole team as well people
behind the camera but I’ll actually give them massive shout out, they helped me so
much and we got to kick started going on
yeah so basically we're going all around Australia sort of like documenting the
mechanics of the game comes out and basically want you to join in and
choose the decision like we’ll say yes
So that sounds that you’re interested in, my man here i'll drop a link in description below you can go check it out
thank you again it’s so much fun and we’ll see in the next video
yeah keep on giving see you guys



收服野生神奇寶貝正夯!試玩員心得大公開 (Actually Playing Pokemon GO In Public!!!)

18704 分類 收藏
張玉聖 發佈於 2016 年 7 月 18 日    張玉聖 翻譯    Kristi Yang 審核
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