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I'm joined today by Max Kaupp-Roberts, who is 23 years old
and began a career in the city of London only to abandon it
I'm here to talk to him about how the Brexit vote has affected his peer group
here in the middle of London's financial center
Max, when you decided to leave a career in the city, what was your main motivation at the time for moving on?
Really, the main thing for me was I didn't find the work really interesting enough
for me to want to pursue it in the long term
Do you think talking to your friends who are still in the city, that this decision to leave the EU
will affect whether they stay in their jobs?
Worries I think are kinda twofold. One is whether or not the job will even be there
so just worries that banks may be moving positions over to Frankfurt, Paris, Dublin, potentially
so there's the question of whether their job will even remain in London at all
and then the second thing is whether or not London will remain being a city
where they can A, you know, live the way they want to, not needing a visa,
and being able to settle there, plan their life for the long term
and the other being whether or not London will lose some of its dynamism in a place that makes it exciting to live
so if the economy starts to go downhill in the UK, potentially, whether or not that will have
negative repercussions on their quality of life here in London
Do you think that these benefits that you and your peer group here in London see of EU membership,
the freedom to travel abroad to study, the freedom to work abroad,
the freedom to work alongside other EU nationals in your former office
Do you think that sort of perception is shared by young people across the UK or not?
It's very hard for me to judge that
I think ultimately, when you're in London, you work among so many people from all over the world
You come here, and you know so many people who have moved abroad as well
that those benefits are very apparent. They're really obvious. You know plenty of people who've worked in Germany,
worked in Spain and France, wherever, and many of your friends will also be French or German or Spanish or Greek, whoever,
so it's very clear that there are these tangible benefits, opportunities that you can take
you know, a lot of people have studied abroad as well, maybe have had a semester abroad or a term abroad
Through the ERASMUS program, I think if you were living in a more marginalized community
maybe in the more deprived parts of the country then you may not know anybody who's been able to
take advantage of the benefits. You may not even conceive that as a possibility for you
then it's easy to see why you might not see the benefits of EU membership in the same way I saw in London
In your very interesting piece that you wrote for the FT in May, you quoted the Deloitte study
which said that a really significant proportion of millennials were already thinking that
they wouldn't stand their job beyond two years,
and certainly very few of them thinking they would stay beyond five years
Do you think the Brexit vote will change that sort of time horizon, that sort of loyalty to the job that they're in?
I think it's probably going to even more accelerate the short time horizon that people could be looking at
Most of my peers at the time, and as was kind of proven in the study as well,
were very much thinking of leaving the job within the next few years
I think now with the Brexit situation as well, a lot of people who thought they might stay in London
may be moved to another job within London, are now more
considering whether or not they have to go back to their family home originally and kind of make a career for themselves there
Max, thank you very much for being with us today, and sharing your insights into
how your generation sees this great Brexit decision
It's great to have a captive millennial on the FT sofa
Thank you very much for having me. It's been a pleasure


【金融時報】脫歐對於倫敦千禧世代的影響 (How Brexit affects millennials in the city | FT World)

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