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  • We evolved as human beings a few million years ago on the Savanna in Africa and we evolved

  • to escape tigers, or lions, or predators. And so what makes common sense to us is the

  • world on our scale. You know, how to throw a rock or a spear or how to find a cave and

  • we didn’t evolve to understand quantum mechanics. And, therefore, it’s not too surprising

  • that on scales vastly different than the kind of experience we had as we were evolving as

  • a species, that nature seems strange and sometimes almost unfathomable, certainly violates our

  • common sense. Our sense of what is common sense and what's intuition. But as I like

  • to say, the universe doesn't care about our common sense. We have to force our ideas to

  • conform to the evidence of reality rather than the other way around And if reality seems

  • strange, that’s okay. In fact that’s what makes science so wonderful; it expands our

  • minds because it forces us to accept possibilities, which, in advance, we may never of thought

  • was possible.

  • I've said that scientists love mysteries, and we do. That’s the reason I'm a scientist.

  • Because it’s the puzzles of the universe that make it so exciting. Now it is true that

  • we want to solve, resolve those and solve those puzzles. That’s part of the fun of

  • doing science is solving puzzles, basically. But each time we do, new questions arise.

  • And I think for many of us, just as in our lives, the searching is often much more profound

  • than the finding. It’s the searching for answers through life in some sense that make

  • life worth living. If we had all the answers, we could just sit back and stare at out navels.

  • And I think what makes the search so exciting is that the answers are so surprising. The

  • universe continues to surprise us in ways we never would have imagined. Well beyond

  • our own imagination in advance, and that’s all we have to keep exploring the universe.

  • We can't just sit in a room and think about it because every time we open a new window

  • on the universe were surprised. And that makes the whole process incredibly exciting.

We evolved as human beings a few million years ago on the Savanna in Africa and we evolved


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勞倫斯-克勞斯談野人常識 (Lawrence Krauss on Caveman Common Sense)

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