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  • If you watch the Big Bang Theory on CBS television you see these clueless nerds who are doormats

  • when ti comes to the opposite sex, right. And you realize is there any basis in reality?

  • First of all none of my friends are like that and all my friends are physicists, right.

  • Well there is a kernel of truth and that is some of these individuals may suffer from

  • something called Asperger's Syndrome which is a mild form of autism. These people are

  • clueless when it comes to social interactions. They don't look you in the eye, for example.

  • And yet they have fantastic mental and mathematical capabilities.

  • We think, for example, that Isaac Newton had Asperger's. The greatest scientist of all

  • time was very strange. He had no friends to speak of. He could not carry a decent conversation

  • and yet here he was spitting out some of the greatest theories in the history of science.

  • Calculus. The Universal Law of Gravitation. The Theory of Optics. And we think he had

  • Asperger's Syndrome. Now Asperger's Syndrome is a mild form of autism and in autism we

  • have what are called savants. That is people that have an IQ of maybe 80 but have incredible

  • mathematical and musical abilities. In fact, some of these individuals can hear one symphony

  • and just play it by memory on a piano.

  • Other people could be in a helicopter, have a helicopter ride over Manhattan, see the

  • entire New York harbor and then from memory sketch the entire harbor. In fact, if you

  • want to see it go to JFK Airport in New York City and you will see it as you enter the

  • international terminal.

  • So what is it about these people? Well, first of all a lot of them had injuries to the left

  • temporal lobe. One individual had a bullet as a child go right through the left temporal

  • lobe. Another person dived into a swimming pool and injured very badly the left temporal

  • lobe. And these people wound up with incredible mathematical abilities as a consequence.

  • And so what is it about their brains? Well Einstein's brain has actually been preserved.

  • Einstein when he died had an autopsy in which case the pathologist stole the brain without

  • permission of the family. He just realized that he was sitting next to something historic,

  • took the brain, took it home with him and it was sitting in a jar in his home for decades.

  • He even drove across the country with the jar inside his trunk.

  • And there's even a TV special where you can actually see the cut up brain of Albert Einstein.

  • And you realize first of all the brain is a little bit different. You can't tell by

  • looking at it that it's so remarkably different but you realize that the connections between

  • the prefontal cortex and the parietal lobe -- a connection that is accentuated in people

  • that do abstract reasoning is thickened. So there definitely is a difference in the brain

  • of Einstein. But the question is did it make Einstein or did Einstein make this change

  • of the brain? Are champions born or are they made? That still is not known because people

  • who exercise mental abilities, mathematical abilities, they can thicken that part of the

  • brain themselves.

  • So we know that people who do well in mathematics brain scans clearly show that their brains

  • are slightly different from the average brain. So in conclusion, we're still children with

  • regards to understanding how this process takes place. Tonight don't go home and bang

  • yourself on the left temporal lobe. We don't know how it works. We just know that in a

  • tiny fraction of these cases people with injury to the left temporal lobe, some of the become

  • super geniuses.

If you watch the Big Bang Theory on CBS television you see these clueless nerds who are doormats


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