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  • "Jerry!" "Yeah?"


  • "First week in our new flat, babe."


  • "Oooohh! Where's my poster gone?"


  • "Oh, I thought this was better for the kitchen."


  • "But you said you liked it!"


  • "I did like... I love it... I love having something I love to look at when I'm getting the vacuum cleaner."


  • "You put it in the cupboard?" "Yes."


  • "God, I'm hungry!"


  • "Jerry! You need to close the package after you've eaten the crackers. Otherwise they'll go stale. They're all stale now."


  • "That is the point." "What?"


  • "I like stale crackers. You know that. I hate crunchy food. It makes me feel sick."


  • "Well, it's the same with cereal. That's why I always leave the boxes open."


  • "What happened in here?" "What do you mean?"


  • "Where's everything?"


  • "Babe... this is who I am. I'm a creative. I can't help it."


  • "You think you could try to help it?"


  • "That's a bit unreasonable!"


  • "Well... don't do that! Now I feel bad."


  • "What are you doing?"


  • "I always tidy to loud music."


  • "But I can't hear anything! What am I supposed to do?"


  • "Sorry, Tess... that's who I am!"


  • "Tess! What are you doing?"


  • "It's how I low esteem, Babe. It's who I am!"


  • [learning the art of compromise is]


  • [learning the art of compromise is the most romantic thing you'll ever do.]


"Jerry!" "Yeah?"


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