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  • We all need a lot of information to


  • get through our day.


  • So wouldn't it be cool if it was just there for you, right

    如果這些資訊能在 您需要的時候自動送上

  • when you needed it?


  • Introducing Google Now for iOS.

    因此我們推出了 Google 即時資訊 iOS 版

  • The right information at just the right time.


  • On your way to work each morning, Google Now shows you

    在您每天早晨出門上班時 Google 即時資訊會為您提供

  • the fastest way to get there. (features limited by country)

    最快抵達公司的路線 (可能不適用於部分國家/地區)

  • When you're heading to the airport, get live updates

    在您前往機場時 可收到所搭乘航班的

  • about your flight. (features limited by country)

    即時資訊更新 (可能不適用於部分國家/地區)

  • And as soon as you land, check out local phrases and rates.

    航班降落後 可立即查詢當地用語和匯率

  • During the big game, get updates in real time.

    重大賽事期間 可掌握即時賽況

  • Or instantly learn about nearby attractions, movies,


  • and restaurants. (features limited by country)

    旅遊景點、上映電影和餐廳 (可能不適用於部分國家/地區)

  • Google Now is easy to find.

    存取 Google 即時資訊很簡單

  • Open the Google Search app, sign in, and swipe up.

    只要開啟 Google 搜尋應用程式 登入帳戶,然後向上滑動即可

  • Google Now, the right information at

    Google 即時資訊 就是有辦法在關鍵時刻

  • just the right time.


We all need a lot of information to


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