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  • In this video, I'm gonna show you my homemade apple grinder.

  • So, the apple grinder is made almost all out of wood.

  • And it's got this chute here for putting the apples in.

  • And, in here there's a grinding drum.

  • Which actually just uses stainless steel screws

  • to grind up the apples.

  • So, if we take the chute off then let's have a closer look at that drum.

  • And you can see the counter-sink screws are inclined a bit

  • so that this edge kind of cuts away from the apples a bit.

  • And, this drum sits inside this wooden box.

  • And the box is what it kind of grinds against.

  • So, it kind of holds the apples.

  • But, it comes out easily like this.

  • And, if we look inside this box it has

  • a bit of a bevel ledge right here.

  • So that the apples, when they get really thin, don't just get pulled through

  • the slot.

  • Now, this wooden drum is just on a dowel for a shaft.

  • And I've got on here a hand crank

  • for cranking it. Which works quite effectively.

  • Much better than garburator-based grinders.

  • If I want to grind up a lot of apples, I can just put a pulley on the shaft

  • and then power that with a motor. And, we've

  • used a grinder of this very type of construction

  • to grind, about a thousand pounds of apples a year for many years now.

  • So, this kind of grinder really does work for a long time.

  • I've given all the grinding surfaces a coat of vegetable oil.

  • Which is also what I used to lubricate the wooden bearings.

  • I just pour a little bit in here.

  • So that there's no artificial grease or anything like that

  • that's gonna contaminate the juice.

  • Because if the oil gets in the juice, well... it's not poisonous.

  • And the box itself has also been rubbed in with lots of oil.

  • And those are really the only parts that get wet.

  • So, that was just five apples that I ground through. And if you look at this mash

  • that will press really easily. So this grinder is really good at preparing

  • this stuff for juicing. In fact the juice is just about flowing out of it.

  • Now, if there's a lot of apples to grind

  • a pulley on the shaft and a little utility motor

  • really speeds things up.

  • Now, if I was actually making cider

  • there would be a whole garbage can down here

  • to catch the mash.

  • Look at that. That's almost juice already.

  • Now, the catch is, I actually built this apple grinder after the apple season.

  • So, I actually had to buy some apples from the grocery store.

  • Normally we just get those from a tree from abandoned farms.

  • So, that's all I'm gonna grind for today. Just to show off how it works.

  • Now, a really important part of using an apple grinder

  • is to clean it up after using it. So that it will be

  • clean and dry for use next year.

  • And, that's why I made this apple grinder so it's really easy

  • to take apart for cleaning.

  • And, now I just gotta let those parts dry.

  • And they'll be ready for next season.

  • Now, I don't actually have an apple press here.

  • But I just thought I'd show off what a difference it makes

  • to have properly ground-up apples.

  • So, even without an apple press I was able to squeeze all this juice

  • out of the pulp.

  • And you can really see this is not very juicy at all anymore.

  • Most of the juice extraction happens in the grinder.

  • Not in the press.

  • Now, I like to ferment the stuff in partially filled

  • two liter pop bottles. Because these bottles can take a lot of pressure.

  • And the stuff, unless you pasteurize it, will start fermenting on it's own.

  • So, this one's been fermenting for a while.

  • And you just have to every once in a while let the pressure out.

  • And you have... hard apple cider.

  • Carbonated.

  • Mmmm. Cheers.

In this video, I'm gonna show you my homemade apple grinder.


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自制蘋果研磨機 (Homemade apple grinder)

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