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  • We often hear from people

  • who are unfamiliar with the incorporation process. "Should I form a corporation or should

  • I form an LLC?"

  • There are differences between the two,

  • but if you're not sure what we usually say is you should form an LLC.

  • The reason is, you can do almost anything with an LLC that you can do with a

  • corporation, but the same is not true if you form a corporation.

  • With an LLC, you can use it to hold land, use it to hold boats, airplanes passive

  • assets you can even use it to

  • run businesses.

  • Whether that's a construction firm, a consulting firm,

  • anything you can imagine, you can do it with an LLC. It starts out being taxed

  • as a partnership, which is a very flexible, easy way of doing your taxes.

  • You also have the option under the IRS "check- the-box-regulations," if you want

  • your LLC to be taxed like an S-corp,

  • or a C-corp, I say you can have your cake and eat it too. You get the asset

  • protection of an LLC, which not only has protection from

  • creditors of the business, but also provides the business some protection from your

  • personal creditors, which is not true in a corporation.

  • If you start your businesses as an LLC and later decide you prefer to have a

  • corporation, you can convert that entity over to a corporation.

  • So therefore, if you're not sure about a corporation or an LLC we would suggest

  • that you form an LLC to start with.

  • An LLC is flexible, its run by its members who can appoint managers, it

  • doesn't have all those "dance steps," of a corporation, where the stockholders have

  • to elect directors, appoint officers every year.

  • It's just an easy corporation

  • type of entity to run and

  • an LLC will get you started.

  • At we can do this very quickly, efficiently, and affordably.

  • So if you're unsure between an LLC or a corporation,

  • form an LLC. Thank you.

We often hear from people


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為什麼您應該成立有限責任公司而不是公司? (Why you should form an LLC instead of a corporation?)

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