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  • One of the most common questions when forming a business is whether to form a

  • corporation or an LLC.

  • We're here to help!

  • When you start a business, your accountant may be your first resource

  • on the entry type due to potential tax advantages.

  • Next, you want to consider whether the business will have investors.

  • If so, many business owners prefer the corporation,

  • because with a corporation you can issue shares of ownership.

  • However, corporations are taxed at the corporate level

  • and again at the individual level.

  • A limited liability company or LLC is a hybrid business entity

  • that has a limited liability like a corporation,

  • but the tax is passed through to the owners, much like a partnership or sole proprietorship

  • Unlike LLCs, C corporations can go public.

  • For that reason, venture capital companies often prefer corporations.

  • An LLC is often considered easier to maintain

  • and more flexible than a corporation. LLCs can be well suited for single owners or partners.

  • There are pros and cons to the corporation and LLC.

  • The type of entity that suits your business may change over time.

  • If needed, you can file a conversion to change entity types.

  • Once you are ready to get started, MyCorporation will help you form your corporation or LLC.

  • In as fast is two days, contact us with questions.

One of the most common questions when forming a business is whether to form a


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探討兩者的區別。有限責任公司與公司 (Exploring the Differences: LLCs vs. Corporations)

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