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They say that breakfast is the most important
meal of the day, so today on The Domestic Geek
I'm gonna show you five amazing overnight oatmeals
that will be waiting for you when you get up in the morning.
They're totally delicious and great for you.
This overnight oatmeal has become a complete staple
in my house.
What I love about it is that it all gets put together
the night before and in the morning,
you can either eat it cold or heat it up
and it's just ready to go for you.
The basic recipe couldn't be simpler.
You're working with one third of a cup of oats
in a mason jar.
To that, you're gonna add one tablespoon of chia seeds,
or you can use protein powder instead,
a quarter cup of the milk of your choice.
I like almond milk.
A quarter cup of greek yogurt and then whatever
flavorings you decide.
Let me tell you, the flavor possibilities
are absolutely endless.
I'm gonna show you my five favorite flavors today.
Carrot cake flavored oatmeal.
So we're starting with our oats.
We're going to add a tablespoon of chia seeds,
our almond milk, and then our greek yogurt.
Lots of protein happening in this breakfast.
And then, for our carrot cake flavor,
we're going to top it with some maple syrup,
a little bit of cinnamon, some shredded carrot,
and then, of course, some pecans for crunch.
Nothing says good morning like blueberry lemon
overnight oatmeal.
So this couldn't be simpler.
We are starting with our oats, of course.
Our chia seeds, our almond milk, and our greek yogurt,
and then we are going to top this with a splash of vanilla
extract to brighten all the flavors.
Some blueberry jam to add some sweetness,
a handful of gorgeous organic blueberries,
and then just a little bit of lemon rind for a bit
of zesty lemon flavor.
Few things in the world go better
than strawberries and chocolate.
Can you imagine waking up in the morning
to strawberry chocolate overnight oatmeal?
So we have our oats.
We're going to add our chia seeds, our almond milk,
and some greek yogurt.
Then for our flavoring, we're going to use some honey
to add a bit of sweetness.
You can always omit the honey if you prefer
a less sweet oatmeal, but I like a little bit of sugar
in the morning.
Then we are going to add a scoop of cocoa powder,
some beautiful fresh cut strawberries.
You could also do this with oranges or cherries even,
would be really delicious.
And then we're going to top it with just a little bit
of shaved chocolate for some added decadence.
Because who doesn't need a little added decadence
in the morning to get you going?
Next up is the banana nut.
It almost tastes like banana nut bread.
So, so delicious.
So, to our standard recipe, we are adding
a little bit of maple syrup, some nut butter.
I'm using peanut butter, but you could use walnut butter
or cashew butter if you like.
Some chopped walnuts and of course, some fresh
banana slices.
This is our Pina Colada flavor.
To our standard recipe, we are going to add
a tablespoon of honey. Just for a little sweetness.
Then some slivered almonds,
some fresh cut pineapple and we're going to top it all off
with a little bit of coconut.
So good.
Be sure to try these recipes and let me know how they go.
Don't forget to subscribe to The Domestic Geek
for lots more recipes just like these and tons of tipstructs
and shortcuts to make your life easier.


10大健康食品 (Overnight Oatmeal - 5 Delicious Ways!)

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