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  • Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Regret - AA

    Desteni 跨次元空間連接口訪問: 後悔 - AA

  • This is AA, and I'm here to share my experience, within regret

    這是 AA, 而我在這裏是 分享我, 在是後悔的 體歴

  • and I found, an interesting point

    而我發現, 一個很有趣的 點位

  • a point that, has been

    一點這, 一直是

  • 'prominent', throughout my existence

    很 '突顯著', 透貫我整個存在裏

  • and that is


  • accepting, and allowing myself to

    不斷接受, 和容許著 我自己去

  • to fear, dieing!

    去 害怕, 死去!

  • (smile)


  • to fear, 'not existing'

    去害怕, '不再存在'

  • and, because of that fear

    而, 基於因為這種 害怕

  • I did 'not' accept, and allow myself to

    我 '没'有 接受, 和容許 我自己去

  • to 'speak', to 'act' to 'stand up' and do everything, and anything possible and

    '說出來', '做行動' 和用盡一切, 和任何一切 可能做 和

  • Risk! everything, of myself, everything and all, that I perceived to be important, or valuable

    冒!上 我自己的一切 和所有, 這些我自視 對我重要, 或慎重價值的

  • and 'speak out', and express, and act and do anything, and everything 'possible'

    並 '說出來', 和表現, 和行動 和做盡一切, 和所有 '可能做'的

  • to stop! direct! sort out

    要停止! 指揮! 整理好

  • What I, in common sense, 'saw' was unacceptable

    這個我, 在一般通悉察覺裏, 當 '看見到'是 不能接受的

  • and, I saw through out my existence, as I went through everything that I had experienced

    而, 在我存在裏 我一直 看見到, 當我歴遍透 所有我 體驗過的時

  • that I had, so many opportunities! to make a difference, meaning to

    這我有, 極極多的機會! 來幹出貢獻糾正, 指是

  • to 'stop' something or someone, from what they were, 'existing as'

    是要 '停止' 某些 或某人, 停制止他們 '一直都存在是' 那樣下去

  • and continue- and continuing that I

    並繼續- 並不斷繼續 這我

  • 'Knew' was compromising! themselves compromising other beings

    '己知道' 當時 正不斷危及! 他們自己 危及傷害 其他人仕

  • but I didn't, because of fear

    但我没有做, 基於因為 害怕

  • because of


  • fear of losing, my own self definition - according to something, or someone

    害怕 會失去, 我自己 - 根據某些, 或某人 的自己-界定義

  • and, as I went through my entire existence, with my experience within it, I could see

    而, 當我歴透 我整個存在, 有我的體驗 在它裏面, 我可以看出

  • How, me 'not' standing up, how me, 'not' Speaking how me 'not acting'

    怎樣, 我 '不堅站起來', 我怎樣, '不說出來' 我怎樣 '不做行動'

  • played, a very significant role, within where and how we are, 'at this very moment'

    在我們 '現在這刻' 正處在那位置 和怎樣來到裏, 扮演了, 一個 十分重要的角色

  • and that point right there, was also part of 'why' I

    而這就在這處, 也同樣一部份 我 '為什麼'

  • 'Wanted to end everything'

    '當時想要 終結所有一切'

  • wanted to, 'stopped' everything wanted to 'just get out of here'

    想要, '終止' 所有一切 '只想要 離開這裏'

  • because I, couldn't live with myself I couldn't "bear"

    因為我, 不能 活對著我自己 我不能 '忍受'

  • existing, within what I knew, I did, 'and I did nothing about it'

    存在著, 在 我知道裏面, 我做過的, '而我 對它什麼也 没理會處理'過它

  • I just continue doing the 'exact same thing', for eons of time

    我只是 持續做著這 '徹底相同樣的事', 做了 數不清的時期

  • and I 'was aware' in those moments, 'I knew I was aware'

    而我 '當時是察覺'的 在那些時刻裏, '我知道 我是察覺的'

  • but yet I so easily and so simply, 'just shut the door', in that moment and

    但然而我 那麼容易 和那麼簡單的, 就在那一刻, '只關上門' 並

  • accepted and allowed 'ignorance'

    接受 和容許了 '無知'(ignorance)

  • But I realized! that, I'm Here

    但我察覺到! 這, 我是 這裏

  • there is no way to, 'destroy' (smile) this existence, I've ~ tried (laugh)

    這是没任何方法可, '毁滅' (笑) 這存在的, 我已 ~ 試過 (笑)

  • I've done


  • and attempted, 'any and all methods possible'

    和嘗試了, '任何和 所有可能的 方法'

  • while within my experience of regret

    當我處在我是 後悔

  • and shame, and sorrow and sadness

    和羞恥, 和哀傷 和悲痛 體驗裏時

  • but what I also found fascinating is that

    但我同時發現 奇妙的是這

  • we have a tendency of wanting to give up 'so quickly', so fast, that

    我們有傾向 '極快' 就想著要 放棄, 那麼極快, 這

  • We don't consider, that maybe possibly facing, this that I'm experiencing inside myself

    我們不考慮, 這或許有可能, 這個我正 在我自己裏面 驗驗著的

  • 'is the key'

    就 '是重點鑰匙'

  • that would, liberate me from, 'my past'

    這會, 從 '我的過往'裏, 解放我

  • because in essence regret, can only exist

    因為在 後悔的 精質, 只可能存在於

  • in judgments, of the past, in judgment of yourself of the past

    在對, 過往的 批判, 在對是 你自己的 過往

  • and judgment, is when you 'observe you' within your past, from a point of 'opinion'

    而批判, 是當你 '審視' 你在你過往的你, 出於一個 '觀點'(opinion)

  • instead of 'insight', realization, and common sense in self-honesty

    而不是 在自己-誠實裏的 '洞悉'(insight), 察覺, 和一般通悉察覺

  • what I realized I have done is, constantly and continuously, existed in regret

    我察覺到 我以往做的是, 恒久的 和不斷的, 存在後悔裏

  • and and- and shame, and sorrow and judgment! and sadness because of my past

    和 和- 和羞恥, 和哀傷 和批判! 和悲痛裏 因為我的過往

  • because of, 'what I have accepted and allowed'

    基於因為, '我所接受 和容許'了的

  • and, I've asked myself the question: But why!?

    而, 我問過我自己 這問題: 但為什麼!?

  • Why? have I always, 'carry my past', as a burden on my back through out 'eons of time'

    為什麼? 我永遠, '攜帶著 我的過往', 等如是一個 我透歴了 '數不清的時期' 背負著一個 負累

  • and I realized that I have started 'defining myself' according to my experience

    而我察覺出 這我開始 '不斷' 根據我的 體歴 '界定義了 我自己'

  • that, I believe that, what I am experiencing inside me 'is me'! and

    這, 我信以為這, 我正在我裏面 體驗著的 就'是我'了! 而

  • that's as far as it goes!

    這是 就盡只能夠這樣!

  • that point of, 'me actually being able to Forgive myself'

    這, '我真確 是可以 寛恕我自己'

  • me! actually being able to 'change myself', didn't exist!

    我! 真確的 可以 '改變我自己'的, 這點没有存在!

  • and in that! I realize that

    而在這裏面! 我察覺出

  • because that point didn't exist, that point of, realization of: You know what!

    因為這點没有存在過, 這點, 察覺實化: 你知道嗎!

  • I can forgive myself

    我可以 寛恕我自己的

  • and in that self-forgiveness, let it go, actually stand up and change me

    而在這 自己-寛恕裏, 讓放開它, 真確的 堅站起來 和 改變我

  • that because that point didn't exist, I didn't exist 'Here'

    這因為這點 没有存在, 我當時不存在是 '這裏'

  • that I have, never, actually 'allow myself', to experience me 'Here', to 'live Here'

    這我是, 從來没, 真確的 '容許過我自己', 來體驗我 '是這裏', 來 '活是這裏'

  • I have, 'grounded myself', in, what I have done 'in the past'

    我, '擱淺了我自己', 在, 我所做過的 '過往'裏面

  • 'there'

    在 '那裏'

  • and in that, never realized - 'Here'

    而在這樣, 重没有察覺出 - '這裏'

  • from my own experience

    從我個人的 歴驗來說

  • give yourself the opportunity, to forgive yourself, and let go of the past

    給你自己這機會, 來寛恕你自己, 並放開是 過往的

  • and real-lize you 'Here'

    並 察覺實化(real-lize) 你 '是這裏'

  • no matter 'how bad', your past may seem

    不管, 你的過往 可能看似 '有極壞'

  • self-forgiveness, you are, able to do

    自己-寛恕是, 你是, 可以做出的

  • forgive yourself, unconditionally, let your past go inside yourself

    寛恕你自己, 無底限的, 讓 放開你的過往 在你自己入面

  • transform and change you 'Here', in 'practical' self-action, in self-honesty

    轉化 和改成你 '是這裏', 在是 '實用'的 自己-行動, 在是 自己-誠實是

  • and 'realize' the gift, of regret

    和 '察覺實化' 這件禮物, 就是後悔

  • Thank you.


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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Regret - AA

Desteni 跨次元空間連接口訪問: 後悔 - AA


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