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  • One Hundred Years of Solitude: Why does the book jump forward and backward in time so

  • much? Unless you hop in your super cool homemade

  • time machine, you most likely expect time to move forward.

  • Naturally, we expect stories to be told in the same manner.

  • Sure, novels occasionally divert to a flashback or even a flash-forward, but most tales, like

  • life, unfold in a linear fashion. A happens, then b, then c.

  • So, what’s up with Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s clock in One Hundred Years of Solitude?

  • Why did he choose to tell this story in such a funky way?

  • Is it a sneaky tactic to keep us on our toes? The author’s way of making sure were

  • paying attention? Sort of like a little wake-up call. Or a sadist’s

  • means of exacting pain. Choosing to swing back and forth through time

  • forces us to stay focused. It’s all about watching an intense tennis match.

  • And therefore, were encouraged to stay alert and not miss any important details.

  • Marquez is simply ordering us to pay attention by structuring the book this way. We have

  • to reset our sense of time and timing on a regular basis.

  • He’s basically challenging us to keep up with him as we follow him on this zigzagging

  • journey. Or maybe it’s to confuse and disorient the

  • reader. Sounds devious, but we wouldn’t put it past

  • him. Maybe Marquez wants us to feel as if were

  • walking inside a dream. Like a Salvador Dali painting, he creates

  • a dreamlike atmosphere by telling the story this way.

  • The dreamy concept of time whizzing around is simply there to provide us with a mood.

  • Marquez puts us under a purple haze-like spell and invites us to see the story through his

  • dreamy eyes. We enjoy the experience of the story coming

  • together in bits and pieces, like memories. Or perhaps the title is a clue to the author’s

  • intentions. Maybe Marquez is trying to make a broader

  • statement with his time-bending tactic. Maybe it’s his way of saying we are all

  • woven into the fabric of time. And in a way, were all connected.

  • Maybe the story does its unique dance through time to remind us that beginnings and endings

  • are not as clear-cut as we would like them to be.

  • What do you think? Is this video over yet? Or maybe it has just begun

  • Shmoop amongst yourselves.

One Hundred Years of Solitude: Why does the book jump forward and backward in time so


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Shmoop Sidebar:百年的孤獨 (Shmoop Sidebar: One Hundred Years of Solitude)

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