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It's been a hot minute!
(horse neighs)
What up
It's your girl, Superwoman.
I legit feel like it's been forever.
Forever ever, forever ever, forever ever.
Since I've done a Parents React video,
and you all been requesting for so long,
so I decided today to react to a video
you have been asking me to react to
since the beginning of time.
I'm talking about, you know like evolution picture,
when it's like with monkey, ape, neanderthal, human,
like since the beginning of that picture,
the see creature, that neanderthal, this version.
Since then, you all been requesting this.
So, I hope you enjoy my parents reacting
to Fifth Harmony's Work From Home.
Why am I on my tippy toes?
I could just adjust the tripod.
That calf workout though.
The first time I saw this video,
I knew my parents would have a lot to say.
Check it out.
I'm very short.
So long!
How you are?
Kids okay?
Neighbor's brother?
Everybody good?
It been so long, right?
A little bit nervous, like I'm know.
I'm shy, little bit shy.
Today, we reacting to Spice Girls.
Backstreet Boy.
No, what, huh?
Fifth Harmony.
Good, good.
Not the second, not third, not fourth.
Fifth Harmony?
Fifth, I’ve never...
Number five in harmony.
I understand.
Destiny Child.
They doing song Work From Home.
Work, work, oh the Rihanna.
No no, Iggy, Iggy.
Another song with work, huh?
It is a bloody musical, this exam season.
What the bloody hell happening?
You know, for kids that don't do any work,
you have a lot of song called "work."
Work From Home.
I this song going to be about doing housework.
Okay, I think it's going to be very good song, I think,
with work from home, do broom, do mop, do dishes, no?
You know, in my expert opinion, I think Work From Home
going to be a beautiful story
about calling in sick for work.
You see, picking up garbage, house work, you see?
("Work From Home" by Fifth Harmony)
Okay, hello.
Maybe garbage man.
This look like me, I think.
I say, "Oh I'm in this video, look."
All your legs showing with your pant too low.
She don't worry about nothing.
What, what, Lilly?
Lilly, oh okay.
That's very big arm he have,
like a Hulkamania Hulk over here.
They do housework outside, gardening.
Okay, look, Rihanna.
I told you Rihanna.
You said Rihanna no sing this song.
Multiculturalism, yay.
Go Riri, go Riri.
Yum, Liam Hemsworth.
No explanation.
Okay, I don't like this one.
Why you doing like this?
Very big muscle.
Okay, I like this one.
They do housework.
School work, study work, garden work.
This how you brick house, like this.
All of a sudden, oh house.
Don't do like Miley, please.
I don't know. I think they're recording me for this video.
This look same, body double, same same, I think.
What's happening here?
You building home or you building baby?
Oh, you know what?
Other day, I was gardening outside.
They probably did secret camera, GoProing on me.
This, I look same, just like, I am this handsome.
Okay, I don't like she doing all this thing.
♫ He's on the night shift ♫♫
Night shift.
He probably working security guard somewhere.
Oh, he's very handsome.
Workers look like this these days?
I think our house needs some renovation, Manjeet.
They in construction zone.
They not wearing hard hat.
Okay, first of all, they will get hurt.
You need hard surface to protect you.
Where your hard surface?
Tell me where your hard surface is, huh?
Where hard surface?
I don't see.
Oh, okay, there it is.
I think we should do renovation.
New wall, floor work, this kind of thing.
I don't think your body can build house, I'm just saying.
This is science.
His body so oily, I could make french fries on his chest.
They okay.
I mean, I'm in shirt right now.
I take off shirt, I look same.
Who the bloody hell this is?
Ty Dollars, you make a typo in your name, my friend.
Where is it came from?
I like this one.
What is happening here?
Where’s your pants?
Okay, they see.
They shoot wrong angle.
They think camera this way, looking back this way.
They say, "No, you are taking my behind.
"Go to front.
"How do you supposed to see my eyes from this angle?"
Clap, no hand?
How do you supposed to clap, no hand?
You can't, stupid.
You know, they showing guys, photoshop.
This all photoshop, you know.
This man very hidden.
Are you girl?
Are you woman?
Are you man?
What one?
Which one should we use?
I don't know what the bloody hell he saying.
He's just gah gah gah gah gah.
Why does this strong man come in?
They're doing hammering and screwdriving.
I like.
We need renovation.
House so old.
Look, they have renovation.
Manjeet, call construction right now.
I think you have to go to work.
Who gonna pay the bills, huh?
You showing muscle.
Muscle don't pay bill, you know.
If they did, then I would be millionaire
because I have physique.
I have gun.
I want to work from home also.
No photoshop here.
Same, we are same.
This photoshop.
I never likes a man so much in my life.
You know, I think this best video I have ever
react to personally, I think, in my personal opinion.
Good storyline, good message,
good visual effect, everything, you know.
This is like Interstellar.
This like Gravity.
This Avatar.
I don't think this is how you build house, so.
You know, who's really winning?
Paramjeet, come hug me.
The word "work" in music is like
the puppy filter on Snapchat.
Everybody using that ish.
Hope you enjoyed that video.
If you did, you know what to do.
If you don't know what to do, imma tell you right now.
Hit that thumbs up, because that matters to me.
I check it.
It doesn't do anything, like I don't win an award, but it
makes me feel good inside so if you like it (mumbles).
Comment below letting me know what else would you like
my parents to react to, because I'm always
looking for your suggestions.
After all, you're the one watching my videos,
and so I want you to enjoy them.
You can check out my last video over right over there.
It is called
Types of Neighbors.
Obviously, I know my stuff.
My second vlog channel is right over there.
If you don't know, aside from this channel,
I have a second channel where I do daily vlogs.
It's right over there, so if you're interested in
when I'm not doing this Monday and Thursday stuff,
go check it out.
Other than that, make sure you subscribe,
because I make new videos every Monday and Thursday,
and it really means a lot to me that you're here.
I like having you here and I hope you're having a great day,
and I sincerely hope that you are happy and in a good place.
I really, really do.
One love, Superwoman.
That is a wrap, and zoop.
My box cut.
If you don't know what I'm talking about, vlogs.
I have a sports injury.


【Superwoman】如果給爸媽看火辣MV?完全hold不住!(Fifth Harmony - Work From Home | My Parents React (Ep. 18))

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