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I'm just so good at dating!
Love. Love is great. You know they say that the first duty in love is to listen, which
as well know is complete and utter nonsense. It's all about mastering the art of seduction
using a qwerty keypad-it's the 21st century.
Nah, I'm just kidding. Love was in the air at the premiere of Love, Rosie and I wanted
to ask handsome Sam whether he believed in romance.
Our first date was pretty romantic. I flew her out to Los Angeles to meet me where I
was filming. I picked her up at the airport and she said what if it's awkward you know
like me arriving, we don't get on-I was like trust me it will be fine. I said I'm just going to
kiss you when you arrive and so I literally, as she landed, I literally was standing at
the barriers and I said Laura, she turned, I ran to her and kissed her.
I'm definitely a romantic person. I think someone that just makes you laugh and that
really takes notice of the small details of things that you like and you know someone
woos you and believes in courtship, I think is very romantic.
Then out of nowhere Tamsin jumped in with her favourite chat up line.
You look like my third wife. I've only been married twice.
That is shocking.
Any strange things you love though, Suki?
I have a honey-it's not that strange but I literally eat about a pot of honey a day and
I carry it in my bag. I can't carry in here right now but I just, I just...
I don't know black liquorish.
My family just get so upset with me at home. There's just honey on my computers, on the
side, on the floor. They're actually here, if you could talk to them about it they'd
be like...
Okay Suki we get it.
Hot water bottles. My mom is obsessed with them and has taught me from an early age to
always carry a hot water bottle even if you're going to a hot country.
Couch or something. I love a good couch. Yeah, I'll leave it there. A coach.
Just spoon it in. I put it on my face.
Yeah. In my bath. I love it!
Suki Waterhouse-the honey monster.
Huh, I thought my love for caravan holidays was weird.
Oh, each to their own. I'm going to head inside and watch the movie. You should too!


演員談《真愛繞圈圈》裡的奇妙愛情故事! (Love, Rosie cast talk strangest loves and romances at the film

425 分類 收藏
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