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  • Hey, what's up?

  • Hi.

  • You are pretty cute.

  • Want to hangout sometime?

  • Uh, no I don't think so.

  • I mean... I'm just new here so I wanna see, you know if we can chill, hang out or something?

  • I have a boyfriend.

  • You do?

  • Sorry.

  • I mean, we can just be friends, ya know. It doesn't have to go.

  • Uh, it's kind of serious. I don't think it's a good idea.

  • I think...

  • I don't give my number out to people I don't know. Sorry.

  • You sure?

  • Yeah.

  • Alright well.

  • Thanks.

  • We got a million dollar deal going on on Thursday. We can't screw this up. Trust me.

  • Yeah I know. It's simple. How about $48 million we're looking at?

  • Alright. Let me call you back.

  • Alright, bye.

  • Hi, how's it going?

  • Hi. Good.

  • Are you um. Are you sitting here alone?

  • Yeah I am.

  • Mind if I join you?

  • Yeah go ahead.

  • You don't happen to have a boyfriend by any chance do you?

  • No.

  • What do you got going on later on tonight?

  • I'm not doing anything. What are you up to?

  • Um, nothing. It's my, I don't have any plans tonight. I was wondering if maybe you wanted to get a drink?

  • Yeah, that sounds like fun.

  • Awesome. Um, yeah why don't we. Oh! Actually I'm here meeting up with my boss.

  • Oh, ok.

  • Yeah. I'm here to give him his car.

  • You washed me car?

  • Here good boss. I washed your car.

  • Got my jacket?

  • I got your jacket in the car.

  • Grab my jacket!

  • Alright.

  • Would you like me to clean this too?

  • Yeah.

  • Oh! Ok.

  • Why?

  • I don't know. It's creepy.

  • Why, why does that matter?

  • Oh it doesn't matter.

  • So you still want to grab a drink or?

  • I thought you had a boyfriend.

  • Wait, so do you have a boyfriend or you don't?

  • Nah, it's not that serious.

  • I guess we could hang out like maybe, 10, 15 minutes ago?

  • Yeah, you wanna?

  • But, I hate liars. And f*****g gold diggers.

  • Where'd she go though?

  • She left? Yeah she went over there.

Hey, what's up?


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如何像BOSS一樣PRANK一個淘金者!! (How To PRANK A Gold Digger LIKE A BOSS!!)

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