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  • What does it mean to "burn fat"? Where does it even go?


  • Despite what Doctor Who suggests, it doesn’t just grow legs and walk away.


  • It actually disappears into thin air!


  • Hey guys. Julia here for DNews.

    大家好,我是 DNews 的 Julia

  • New year brings new resolutions. For many, that means getting back to the gym.


  • "Feel the burn!" seems to be the rallying cry for exercise enthusiasts everywhere.


  • And how many magazines have flashy covers like "10 new ways to burn fat in the new year"!


  • And what does that even mean? How can you "burn fat"? And where does it go?


  • When you eat too much protein or carbs, your body converts it and stores it as fat.


  • To get your body to "burn" up these cells, your body has to use up the immediate energy from food, and dip into your energy reserves.


  • In other words, you burn more calories than you take in, so you have to use your fat stores.


  • And that adipose tissue or fat is made up fat cells called adipocytes filled with molecules called triglycerides.


  • When youre trying to "burn fat", you're really trying to get rid of these triglycerides.


  • High levels of which are linked with heart disease and metabolic syndrome.


  • Triglycerides are made up of glycerol and three fatty acids.


  • In order to burn fat, you have to oxidize these molecules.


  • Now the complete oxidation of a single triglyceride involves many biochemical processes and enzymes.


  • But the process can be boiled down to a single chemical equation.


  • Now this may look complicated but what’s basically happening here is that when you're exercising, youre tapping into your fat stores.


  • So you are "oxidizing" or breaking down that molecule to release carbon dioxide, water, and energy.


  • I bet youre imagining that most of that fat gets turned into energy like your gym teacher or personal trainer tells you.


  • Well they’d be wrong.


  • According to a study published in the British Medical Journal, most of the fat turns into carbon dioxide and water.


  • According to their calculations, 84% of an adipose triglyceride is given off as CO2.

    根據他們的計算,84% 脂肪中的三酸甘油酯以二氧化碳釋出

  • So for example, if you lose 10 kg of fat, 8.4 kg is exhaled as CO2.

    舉例來說,若你減了 10 公斤的脂肪,其中 8.4 公斤是以二氧化碳的形式被呼出

  • As the lead author says, when someone burns fat, "most of the mass is breathed out as carbon dioxide. It goes into thin air"


  • The rest is given off as water in some way or another, like in urine, sweat, tears or other bodily fluids.


  • The authors also calculated about how much carbon dioxide we give off in an average day.


  • Even without hitting the treadmill, with every breath we take, we give off 33 grams of carbon dioxide. Woohoo!

    即使沒有使用跑步機,每次呼吸我們都釋放約 33 克的二氧化碳。唷呼!

  • But before you get too excited about losing all that CO2 and burning all that fat.


  • The authors also note that a single muffin contains 20% of your daily intake of energy.

    作者也提到,單單一個馬芬蛋糕就佔每日攝取熱量的 20%

  • A single, lousy, muffin. So a small amount of food can quickly make all that exercise for naught.


  • But if you do want to get more bang for your breath, you can actually measure how much fat youre burning by measuring your breath.


  • So if you want to stick to that new year's resolution, take a deep breath,

    若你想要讓你的新年希望一直保持下去 ... 深呼吸

  • hit the gym and feel the burn.


  • Losing weight in the future will be weird.


  • Not only will your breath keep track of how much fat youre burning,


  • but an algorithm will decide what you should be eating!


  • To find out more about that, check out this episode right here.


  • Microbians are the ecosystems living in all of us. Each of us carry around millions of micros in our guts.


  • And other studies like one published in the journal Science found that guts bacteria could be the crucial factor in a person's metabolism.


  • We know you love watching online, but were excited to announce DNews is now on Science channel!

    我們知道大家喜歡線上收看,我們也很高興地宣布 DNews 現在已經在科學頻道中!

  • Trace and Amy will be sharing a minute of the best in science in between awesome programming.

    Trace 和 Amy 將會分享各個科學節目中最精彩的時刻

  • So check out as Science Presents DNews at 9! Every weeknight, Monday through Friday,

    每晚 9 點來科學頻道的 DNews 看看吧!週一至週五每晚都有

  • and use your Twitter to let them know if you want more!

    若想知道更多,可以用 Twitter 告訴他們!

  • So how do you guys exercise or keep in shape? Let us know!


  • You can tell us down in the comments below. Don't forget to hit those likes and subscribe buttons while you add it.


  • And keep coming back to DNews so you don't miss a single episode.

    還有記得回來 DNews ,你才不會錯過任何一集

What does it mean to "burn fat"? Where does it even go?


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當你減重時你的脂肪去哪了 (Where Does Fat Go When You Lose Weight?)

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