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Hello my name is Steve Smith and I work for Pico Technology
We are looking at the WPS transducer connected to diesel injector back leakage
By no means does this replace the bottle test but is in addition to
The beauty of this is we can actually go on a road test
Assuming we have got the drain and the spill set up correctly and securely
So we will no switch on the WPS
It is important to have the pressure sensing tap open to atmosphere
Because at this point we are running through a calibration
So we are setting the zero to atmospheric pressure in every scale
Now because we are measuring spill
We are going to measuring spill or back leakage through the measurement port
Through the measurement chamber
And it is important we don't offer a restriction here
So we must have a flow through and straight back out
So how we do this
Is by using a cable tie
That way we can keep the bleed or drain tap open
To demonstrate
Tap is closed
Tap is now open
So any pressure we apply to here
Back leakage will drain straight through into our spill bottle
Connection wise we are connected to number 4 injector
So it is at the end of the injector rail
Connected into our pressure port
We have the pressure bleed tap open
So diesel back leakage can pass through the WPS
Through the measuring chamber
And straight out through the spill into the collection bottle
We have a breakout lead connected to injector 1 measuring current
So now we can monitor the spill from each injector
The pressure in the spill in the back leakage from each injector
Whilst monitoring the signal from number 1 injector
It is important to note that when we start the vehicle
If we can hold the WPS pressure transducer upside down momentarily
We can bleed any air that is trapped within the pressure port
Through the measurement chamber and out through the drain port
Now start the engine
Engine revs
Engine stops


壓力感知器 (Mercedes Diesel back leakage test using WPS500 pressure transducer)

297 分類 收藏
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