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  • Hello everyone, welcome to Taiwan Bar

  • Today, let’s talk a little about

  • The story of manly Taiwanese farmers in the 1920s

  • Ahem

  • Here we go

  • Speaking of the apple of your eye, we must talk about wifi

  • Speaking of the most notable peasant movement in Taiwan

  • We must talk about Resident Evil

  • ( The Chinese pronunciation of Resident Evil is “E-ling-gu-bau”. The pronunciation of “E-lingis similar toErh-lin”)

  • Ahem

  • We must talk about Erhlin Peasants Movements

  • In 1895, right after Taiwan was ceded to Japan according to the Treaty of Shimonoseki

  • Japan was right on the move of enforcing the policy ofIndustry for Japan, Agriculture for Taiwan

  • Trying to turn Taiwan into a sweet sugar kingdom

  • Japan therefore established various policies that frowned the sugarcane farmers

  • Like the price of sugarcane was dominated by the sugar factory

  • or the weighing of sugarcane was frequently being falsely reported

  • The false reporting situation was as ridiculous as three man weighed only 48kg

  • The farmers even had to pay the factory to collect their sugarcanes

  • Although the policies were suppressing the farmers

  • all that farmers could do were protesting in vain towards the Japanese government

  • or being Japan’s dead meat

  • When peasants stood up against the government and enterprises

  • Taiwanese intellectuals also stood up

  • Lee Yin-chang, who went back home to be a doctor in Erhlin

  • was also a member of Taiwanese Cultural Association

  • Facing the difficult situation of sugarcane farmers being ripped off

  • Sir Lee prescribed the right medicine to the problem

  • holdingVillage Talksto urge farmers to stand up, stand up!

  • He even founded the first farmers organization in Taiwan in 1925, “Erhlin Peasants Union

  • representing the large numbers of sugarcane farmers

  • to fight for their rights against theLin Ben Yuan Sugar Kabushiki Kaisha(KK) ”

  • ( Kabushiki Kaisha(KK), which means Corporation in Japanese.)

  • With strong promotion of the intellectuals ( Kabushiki Kaisha(KK), which means Corporation in Japanese.)

  • With strong promotion of the intellectuals

  • the sugarcane farmers gradually noticed

  • when their rights are being violated, they should stand up! Stand up! And fight!

  • Therefore the seed of rebellion planted in the farmershearts, eventually blossomed

  • However, even with the assistance of the intellectuals,

  • KK with government at their backs, they could ignore all requests from the farmers

  • Yah,” “Okay,” “LOL,” or read without reply

  • After playing so many times of I petition and you play dumb with the KK

  • it was finally the harvest season, hurray

  • Farmers decided to toughen up,

  • and refused the collection of the KK before sugarcane price were officially announced

  • But the KK also insisted on collecting, even brought the police with them

  • Seeing that the police were protecting the KK

  • the display of the loving relationship between government and KK

  • made sugarcane farmers so mad that they held sugarcane and hoes to fight back

  • The police also pulled out their swords and warning signs

  • This then pissed the farmers off

  • Both sides confronting each other with sugarcanes flying around

  • This was the first Peasants Movement in Taiwan’s history, “Erhlin Peasants Incident

  • After the incident, Japanese government became furious and began to play a game-of-tag

  • Not only Lee Yin-chang, who was viewed as the leader, was taken into custody

  • but hundreds of members of the Peasants Union and farmers who were involved were also caught

  • However

  • Erhlin Peasants Incident was like the first firecrackers that popped on New Years day

  • many other peasants organizations popped out afterwards

  • After 1927, the island-wide Taiwan Peasants Union popped out

  • it had more than 20 thousand members

  • Fantabulous!

  • After the chatty talk

  • Erhlin Peasants Incident seemed to pioneered the road of revolution for Taiwanese farmers

  • they noticed how important it was to protect their own rights

  • Intellectuals carried the passion of social reform

  • and hoping the farmers could stand up against the evil with them

  • But if unfortunately they fail and starve

  • Aren’t farmers the biggest loser?

  • From the aspects of farmers

  • they face the situation of

  • not knowing which side to choose

  • One is the intellectual, but the epiphany they brought might starve them

  • The other is the KK, rude and dominant,

  • but bought their products and gave salaries

  • How they should make the choice

  • might be a question that others never thought about

  • O~K

  • the story ends here today

  • See ya!

Hello everyone, welcome to Taiwan Bar


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