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Hello. My name is Emma. And in today's video, we are going to do some shit talking. What's
that? We are going to shit talk with Emma today. Okay? So I'm going to teach you 10
expressions with the word: "shit". Before we start, what is "shit"? Does anyone know?
I've drawn a little picture in this corner. Shit is... I have a brown marker so it's-uh
don't know if you can see that-it's this colour. It's what you do in a toilet. We'll leave
that... I think that's enough to tell you. You shit in a toilet.
So with these expressions, they're all very common expressions. They're not expressions
you want to use with your boss, they're not expressions you want to use with your grandma
or your grandpa. They're expressions you will use with your friends, they're expressions
you will listen to in movies, on TV. So my main point: don't use these at work, don't
use these with your family. Okay?
So let's get started. Oh, sorry, one other thing: pronunciation. Students often mispronounce
the word: "shit". They say: "sheet", "sheet". You see? They smile when they say it. Shit
is not something you smile about. So when you say the word: "shit", don't smile. Okay?
Your mouth goes down, "shit". So repeat one time, make sure you're not in a room filled
with people. Okay, let's say this word together. One, two, three, "shit". Okay. Good. So now
let's look at some expressions.
My first expression today is one of my favorites. "Shitty", "shitty". Okay? So you can say that
once: "shitty". When we say it, the "ty" almost becomes like a "dy" sound, and "shit" is longer
and louder. "Shitty", "shitty". What does it mean? When something is "shitty", it's
bad, it's a synonym of bad. So, for example: "Today I had a shitty day." Meaning: today
I had a bad day. Okay? You can ask someone: -"How was work today?" -"Oh, work was shitty.
I had a really shitty experience at work." Okay? -"How did your test go?" -"Uhh, it went
shitty. It was a shitty test. I didn't do well." Okay? So it's an adjective.
Our second expression: "shit-faced". Now, important how you pronounce the "ed", it's
like a "t" in this case. Okay? So we don't say: "shit-faced", no, no, no. "Shit-faced",
okay, "shit-faced". What does it mean to be shit-faced? "Shit-faced" means very, very,
drunk. Okay? If you ever go to the bar, you drink one beer, you drink two beer, you drink
eight beers, you will probably get shit-faced. So it means very drunk. Here's our example
sentence: "He had eight beers. He's shit-faced." Okay? We don't say: "He has a shit face."
That would sound very bad if you said that to someone. We don't say: "He has a shit-faced."
He... The "s" stands for: "He is shit-faced." Okay?
Let's look at our third expression: "shitbox". A "shitbox" is a car. Okay? It's a car...
Can you guess? Do you think it's a good car or a bad car? If you said: "Bad car", you
are correct. A "shitbox" is a very bad car; it's very slow, very ugly, maybe the wheel
is falling off. Okay? It looks like it is going to fall apart at any moment. It's usually
a very cheap car. So maybe you're on the street and you see your friend and he's driving a
shitbox. You can say to your friend: "Look at the car. What a shitbox!" All right.
Similarly, so "shitbox" is car, a "shithole" is a way to describe a place someone lives.
Okay? So if your friend lives in an apartment and the apartment is very ugly, and small,
and dirty, and there's not a lot of light, maybe there's no windows, it's a really sad
apartment - you can call it a "shithole". So I have a friend, "Her apartment is a shithole.
It's dirty, and"-eww-"there are cockroaches." Cockroaches, do you know what a cockroach
is? It's one of those insects that lives in people's apartments, they're really disgusting.
So it's a type of bug. If you have cockroaches in your apartment, you might... May be living
in a shithole.
Our next word: "shit-disturber". Just like: "teacher", "worker", "officer", "manager",
these are all "er" words. Can you guess what "shit-disturber" is? It's a person. If you
know a shit-disturber, a "shit-disturber" is someone who likes to make drama, likes
to cause drama. They like it when a situation is not relaxed, but there are many problems.
So, for example: maybe... This should be "my", okay. Maybe I have a sister and I have a mother,
and I really like a boy, but maybe he's a bad boy and my family won't like him. I tell
my sister: "Don't tell mom, but I have a new boyfriend. It's someone mom won't like." If
my sister is a shit-disturber, she wants to see drama, she wants to see problems, so she
will tell my mom: "Emma is going out with a bad boy.", "My sister told my mom about
my boyfriend. She's a shit-disturber." Meaning: my sister is a shit-disturber. So it's a person
who likes to create problems for people. Okay? They're a shit-disturber. Let's look at five
more expressions.
Okay, sixth on our list is: "Don't give a shit." Or: "Don't give 2 shits." So you have
a choice: "Don't give a shit", meaning one shit, or: "Don't give 2 shits." Both, you
will hear both in movies, in conversation. So how do you use it? "Well, I don't give
a shit." And what does this mean? It means: "I don't care." Okay? "I don't give a shit.
I don't care." So maybe... Maybe you were supposed to... Well, this... A teacher would
never say this. Okay? But just an example. Maybe you didn't do your homework and you
go to your teacher and you say: "I didn't have time, my dog ate my homework, I'm really
stressed with school, I have all these problems." What your teacher probably wants to say, but
won't, is: "I don't give a shit." Meaning: I don't care what your problems are. I don't
think teachers actually think this, but it's always possible.
Number two: "Scared the shit out of me!" Okay? If somebody scares the shit out of you it
means... Or something scares the shit out of you, it means you are very, very scared.
Okay? Just very scared. So, for example: what scares me? Ghosts, ghosts scare me. If I hear
a weird noise at night, maybe I might think it's a ghost, maybe I might jump to that conclusion.
And so if I hear a strange sound, I might say: "Oh, that scared the shit outta me!"
I might say: "That scared the shit out of me. It scared the shit outta me!" Maybe you've
seen a movie, maybe Paranormal Activity, that movie was very scary. It scared the shit outta
me! Okay?
You might notice, here I wrote: "out of me", and here I wrote: "outta me". What's the difference?
Often times, when we say: "out of me", we don't say it like this. It's too formal, too
slow. We usually link our words, and instead in conversation, we will say: "outta me".
Okay? So can you say that? "Outta me". "It scared the shit outta me!" Okay, good.
"Full of shit". Okay? I like this expression. What does it mean to be full of shit? Well,
if you are full of shit, it means you are lying. If someone is full of shit, they are
not telling the truth; they're lying. If you told me the sky was green or the sky was...
What colour could the sky be? If the sky was... Yeah, green. I would say: "You're full of
shit. It's blue. I know it's blue." Okay? So it means: you're lying. "He's so full of
shit." He's lying.
"Shitting me", "shitting me", what does this mean? Well, we often ask the question: "Are
you shitting me?" Meaning: are you lying to me? So in this one, it also means lying. You
could also say: "Don't shit me.", "Are you shitting me?" And again: are you lying? Are
you telling the truth? We use it often times when someone tells us something that is very
surprising. If a student came running up to me and said: "You know Brad Pitt, the actor?
He's outside the school right now and he wants to talk to you." I would say to my students:
"Are you shitting me?" Meaning: are you lying? Is that true? So we use it that way.
To "talk shit". When you talk shit, it means you don't tell the truth. Okay? And usually
it means you're talking badly about someone. So you're talking badly about someone you
know, maybe a teacher, a friend. So it's not a good thing. To "talk shit" means to talk
about people in a bad way. Someone might say: "Stop talking shit! Stop talking shit about
me." Meaning: don't say not nice things about me. Okay. So, stop talking shit.
So, I decided to add a bonus. There are so many shit expressions, I decided to add one
more that I really like, and that is: "bullshit". Do you know what a bull is? A bull like this,
you know, it's like a boy cow, that's a bull. So a bull is an animal. "Bullshit" means it's
not true. A lot of these mean it's not true. We can also say: "B.S.", "Bullshit" and "B.S."
are the same thing. Sometimes people say: "B.S." to be a little bit more polite, although
it's still not polite, it's just a little bit better. So if somebody tells you something
that you don't believe: "That's total bullshit!" Okay? "That's not true, that's bullshit. That's
B.S." Okay?
So, I hope you have liked this video and you have liked learning these expressions. I hope
you didn't find any of the expressions too shitty; I hope you enjoyed them all. So if
you want to practice these expressions, I would invite you to visit our website at:
www.engvid.com. There you can find our quiz to... Where you can see if you've understood
all of these expressions and to practice them more. Remember: don't practice these with
your teacher, don't practice these with your boss, don't practice these at work. They're
for your friends. Okay? Until next time, take care.



不只是髒話!用最道地的用法說 shit (Talking shit with Emma)

63950 分類 收藏
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