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  • Welcome to Lolo TV

  • On Lolo TV, I’ll share my discovery of culture reference in TV shows with you

  • Today, we are going to look at Season 3 Episode 1 of BBC’s Sherlock

  • The Empty Hearse

  • Are there really hidden culture references in TV shows?

  • Let me give you a quick example

  • The Empty Hearse gave the explaination on Sherlock's escape

  • He jumped off from the roof of Barts two years ago.

  • How on earth did he survive the jump?

  • Did you notice

  • Right before the jump

  • He sent a text messsage to Mycroft

  • "Lazarus"

  • Lazarus is a character in the Bible

  • He was resurrected by Jesus after his death

  • There is no better name for Sherlock’s escape plan than "Lazarus"

  • Did you notice this culture reference?

  • The main arc of this episode is

  • Sherlock found out a London underground network’s conspiracy to bomb Westminster

  • When it comes to bombing Westminster

  • One has to mention the famous Gunpowder Treason and Plot in the British history

  • Nov 5, 1605, the British Parliament was having a big ceremony at Westminster

  • Guy Fawkes snuck explosives into the basement

  • He planned on setting the place on fire during the ceremony

  • In The Empty Hearse, the story writers refered to the Gunpowder plot several times

  • to create a parallel between the current case and the history

  • The parallels provided clues for Sherlock in solving his case

  • Now let’s look at all these parallels

  • Parallel 1 – The Copy Cat

  • Guy Fawkes chose to bomb the parliament on the day of an opening ceremony

  • In The Empty Hearse, Lord Moran totally copied Guy’s plan

  • He picked the night when the Parliament was going to be full house voting for the anti- terrorism bill to blow up the place

  • 今晚反恐法案的投票结果很难预测, 当局政府指出这套法案意义重大...

  • Parallel 2 – The Bonfire

  • Since fellow conspirators tipped off the authorities, Gunpowder Plot failed

  • The King survived the assassination

  • Thus, 5th of Nov was designated as a day for celebration, with bonfires

  • That is why when Watson was kidnapped

  • He was placed inside a bonfire

  • Sherlock saved Watson from the fire

  • This jolted something in his mind palace.

  • It’s a vital clue for his deduction

  • At that point, he realized Lord Moran was planning on blow up the Parliament that night

  • 今晚他不会去议会

  • 今天是11月5日

  • “切记,切记”

  • “火药阴谋”

  • ““切记,切记,十一月初五”

  • This is a British folk song about the Gunpowder Treason and Plot

  • When Sherlock mentioned that

  • Watson came to the realization they need to stop the bomb

  • Parallel 3: The Underground

  • Sherlock deduced Moran’s plan to bomb the Parliament

  • But he still needed to find the explosives

  • History helped Sherlock again

  • In Gunpowder Plot

  • Guy Fawkes snuck 36 barrels of gun powders into the basement of the Parliament

  • Following this scheme

  • Sherlock found the car full of explosives In the deserted London underground segment

  • Stopped the bomb just in time

  • It is fascinating to watch Sherlock using the history as clues to solve his current case

  • However, some fans complained the writers made Moran such a dumbass

  • He followed Guy Fawkes template way too literally

  • Making it too easy for Sherlock to guess his whole plan

  • Well, to that -

  • Lolo’s explanation is

  • Without Moriarty as the Criminal Consultant

  • Folks like Moran are certainly amateur hours.

  • These are the culture references I found while watching The Empty Hearse

  • I’m glad I get to share with you all

  • If there is a show you like to watch with me and discuss the hidden references

  • Drop me a line in the comments

  • Maybe next time

  • Lolo TV will be watching what you are watching

  • Lolo TV

Welcome to Lolo TV


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